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  1. Actually a Samara is the winged seed from a maple tree that autorotates when it falls. The name was chosen by us being Canadian and having the helicopter. It is also a place in Russia, the name of the nasty chick in the horror movie The Ring, and it means protected by god in Hebrew.
  2. You shouldn't be dipping bladder tanks. You might poke a hole in the bladder.
  3. Samara is an exploration catamaran designed for helicopter operations. She will carry R44/66, 206, 500 size machines. She has 2000l helicopter fuel tanks (which doubles as long range yacht fuel tanks). The helipad slides aft, the railings drop down and the arch slides forward for landing/take off making a very large obstacle free area (often times the helipad is an afterthought and the pilot has to squeeze in between the kayaks and hot tub). Details at http://www.mv-samara.com Before I get flamed for selling items on this forum; this is my personal yacht, I am not a broker or middle man and a previous post established that ads are okay.
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