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  1. I won't be able to attend the October WOCS class, so there is one extra spot for somebody else! I'm slotted for the Feb 2018 WOCS class, see some of you then! Still working on getting a PSBCT date..
  2. Yes, I believe you are correct. Sending you a PM.
  3. Awesome bro, thanks for the info. Still waiting on my initial email for WOCS dates, hopefully it comes soon.
  4. You should be reporting to your local Army recruiter now that you have class dates for WOCS. They will process you as if you were a new enlistee, process you through MEPS, you will "DEP-in," and a guidance counselor will give you a PSBCT date. This is based on my experiences with the local Army recruiter, what they know, and the research I have done. However, I'm still waiting on my magical email to come through.
  5. Are there any inter-service Navy selectees that can shed some light. I was just selected a week ago, I know it hasn't been long but we all get anxious. I haven't received the email for instructions or class dates just yet, but I would like to be ahead of the paperwork as much as possible. Is there anything I can do right now without an official class date, etc..? Thanks in advance.
  6. I'm hoping these AD results come out tomorrow, good luck to everyone.
  7. Congratulations to all of the civilians!
  8. Congratulations to him. Strange though, I didn't know they did any active duty applicants this early. No call for me, a little paranoid now!
  9. Not sure if this only applies to AD, or to civilians as well.
  10. Hahah, sounds like a plan! Glad to hear he got the physical back so soon. His stats look great in my opinion, you guys should start packing.
  11. Hello all, Long time lingerer on the forums, hoping my physical comes back from Rucker in time for the May deadline. Here are some of my stats: Age: 24 Military Experience: AD Navy 6 years (E-5) College: 54 Credits into an associate degree 4.0 GPA SIFT: 70 GT: 111 APFT: 280 LOR: LT, CPT (O-6), CW5 and LTC (both aviators) Good luck to everyone.
  12. Hello all, Age: 24 GT: 111 SIFT: 70 Degree: 54 credita, 4.0 GPA PT: ~270 LOR: BC, CC, CW5 (AD) Military: 6 years USN (currently AD) Flight Physical: Scheduled, not complete Flight Hours: None Probably not making this board, definitely aiming for the May deadline. How are my stats looking? Good luck to all.
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