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  1. Waivers are near and dear to my heart. You should have a sample WOFT packet pdf from your recruiter or from USAREC's page to go off of for guidance. Near the bottom are the guidelines that spell out what is asked for in a waiver (prereq, moral, age/AFS). It highlights are those items you just mentioned: 1. " This ETP request will not go before the selection board once approved. Please use as much space as required to give all the information. A short and simple approach may cause a returned request." 2. Mention what you offer to the Army that can be a mitigating circumstance to your waterfowl foul (special experience, skillsets, etc.) Sounds like you have time, so rebuild that packet and use the sample as an example for next year. Good luck!
  2. That's a bummer. After a waiver denial, does that keep you from applying for the January board?
  3. So will the board accept if your medical is valid through the board dates + 2 months, but certainly not through WOCs?
  4. The sister service doc will probably need the forms and standards in order to conform to what Rucker Aeromed will stamp. YMMV. I was prior AF, the docs at my station didn't really care for the Army standards and wouldn't help unless I provided everything for them. I ended going to the Army doc, said I wanted to swap over and apply for WOFT and they did everything seamlessly. If you have an AMC or something close by, you can do it there and it'll probably complicate things less, especially if the Navy doc has never done something like it. For the SIFT, your recruiter should have the contact for the testing center. Call/email to see what they need (should be the closest Army education center). The test center I went to needed a commander's letter endorsing me taking the test (lol) and the education center certifying my GT score before administering it.
  5. Anyone know for the Civilian WOFT side, what the deadline submission dates are for this September board? I know the USAREC site is only for AD.
  6. Your contract/commission should tell you if you have a remaining MSO after leaving active duty, usually sometimes called a reserve component obligation or something equivalent in the Navy. Typically for officers it is 8 years. If you leave before the MSO, you will be put in IRR and require a 368 to move over to the Army. The 368 requires a signature from a recruiter, don't think there is a way around it. So you will need one to sign it before it makes it up to your service component for approval. Like Mike said, it is typically approved without issues barring a major world conflict.
  7. It varies from base to base, but if you're going to a sister-service flight doc, make sure you prearrange and/or give more lead time than you think for them to complete. My AF flight doc had never done one and were at first unsure if they are allowed to. It was a pain to try to get through the front desk folks at Flight Medicine that you could complete it so.
  8. The only thing I could find is through the the Warrant Officer Recruiting Facebook page. Not exactly official looking. But it reads more 31 years,11 months and 30 days.
  9. The WOFT max age was a recent change from 33 right? I also recall a recent AFPC message that USAF will allow an age limit of 33 (before Jan. 1, 2020) now for Pilot, CSO, RPA positions for the upcoming boards, but I think it is in-service only.
  10. I'm mostly a lurker, but always enjoyed your posts on VR. The insight you provide into Army Aviation and the eMentoring to all current and future/hopeful aviators alike, are like gold to us. Congratulations on your retirement.
  11. MPF won't help. Go to your base Education Office and ask if they can convert for you. They should have access to a database to generate a report (maybe REDD?).
  12. I don't think Officer to Warrant will qualify. The save pay intent usually is for going from a higher salary enlisted grade to Officer or Warrant grades. The recruiter may be universally thinking it would apply the other way around.
  13. That's interesting, because I've always understood sister service commissioned officers applying can only apply once a year for the board and that is only in January. Is this a new thing? You applied in-service recruiter or through a regular recruiter?
  14. Conditional release from the USMC (via DD 368) is your big one. You work through the in-service recruiters on that one, they fill out their portion and you work with your functional/manpower/personnel/x1 to get the signature/approval. I don't think you pick up CW2 automatically, but you'd apply through USAREC after training and qual'd and formally document your commissioned time to get that grade. Are you a qual'd pilot/aviator in the USMC already?
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