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  1. I had to do both. I only had a APFT on file, however after the FY21, the recruiter had me do an OPAT afterwards.
  2. Revising packet with the new FY21 standards (anything over $100 requires a moral waiver). I got $170 speeding ticket about four months ago and now contesting it. Due to COVID, the in-person traffic courts here are closed UFN and the trial date keeps getting pushed to the right. No option for remote. Recruiter is a bit unsure, but thinks I cannot apply for the moral waiver until the ticket is resolved (final disposition or judgement paid). Is this true?
  3. I was told my name is neither on the list of selects or non-selects. This happened the July board and it turned out my packet wasn't turned in from the Bn. So either the Bn decided it wasn't going to submit it in again, or I have tingling feeling the waivers were denied meaning ineligible for the actual board. I had an age and prerequisite waiver in the packet. Recruiter is waiting to hear back Monday since they didn't get anything other than the results on Friday evening.
  4. Historically, Civ/S2S boards can be as early as Wednesday the week of. But it don’t think there is a set date. Maybe tomorrow. The AD/in-service is usually are a week after I think.
  5. Got board ready after two years of trying. To anyone reading, if you are thinking of putting a WOFT packet it, do it and don't wait. I did and it put me over the age limit. Biggest hurdle are now my waivers, which I'll know if they are denied/approved by this week. Hope for the best, plan for the worst. Good luck everyone. BOARD : Civilian/S2S AGE : 34 RANK : Prior Service AD O-3, 7 years TIS GT : 124 SIFT : 64 APFT : 260 EDUCATION : BA International Studies, 3.0 GPA FLIGHT : 140+ hrs, ASEL PPL PHYSICAL : Stamped w/ PRK LOR : O-6, CW5, Aviation Civ WAIVERS : Age, Prerequisite
  6. That is actually about right. The civilian (street to seat) boards have different due dates compared on the USAREC website, which works the WO recruiting team that focuses on in-service candidates. A majority of these posts are from the in-service board, which have strict deadlines and don’t apply to your son. Civ packets typically can be turned in by the rctg bn about 2 weeks before the board. A week before the board, they approve any waivers (if applicable). Then they are boarded and results typically are released to recruiters NLT the Friday of.
  7. Street to Seat results are out for this board. Contact your recruiter to see if they know.
  8. True. For the active side, used to be recruiting battalion interviews, but were done away a year ago. Guard units will still do them.
  9. There are no statistics for the acceptance rate criteria you are specifying. Army likes the whole person concept and a lot of those statistics aren't quantifiable. A "solid packet" with flight hours and a degree can also be an applicant having no degree or flight hours. The Army doesn't release a percentage/rate based on certain statistics, only the number of accepted versus number of applicants. Recently they have been accepting 20 per board, but you may have 21 candidates apply (95% acceptance rate) or 69 apply (29% acceptance rate) at any given board. So the "rate" can be a crapshoot and others here are trying to tell you don't get hung up on statistics. With the changes to the 10 year commitment, there may be less applicants. When you get older and apply, maybe there will be more applicants. If a war kicks off, maybe the Army will take anyone with a pulse. This is why the adage of "your acceptance rate would be zero if you don't apply" is used around here.
  10. My cents. I don't think your age is an issue (you're still under 33). The AFS and moral waivers should be non-factors since they were both approved. I suggest dropping the butter bar for your CO-equivalent LOR, it is not really an influential rank. You should have at minimum the flight commander (O-3 at least) sign, so that is a good first fix. Most of the other in-service folks you are competing with will have at O-3 at minimum. The closer they can speak about your character and achievements the better. The EPR (referral?) is not a good look, but if it hasn't been addressed in your essay, include the reasons and mitigating circumstances.
  11. Honestly, the memo was dated 03 Jun, but wasn't in general public until two days ago. Good chance they didn't know about it, but also good chance they may hide it from you too. I had recruiters convinced BN interviews were still a thing last month.
  12. Probably depends on where you are located. You should check a website or call. My local one opened back up a couple of weeks ago with appointments and some social distancing rules in place.
  13. I'm thinking Army will start pushing dates to the right as much as possible to achieve its newfound maximum retention.
  14. In AF speak, it is whoever is afforded "G-series" orders and/or the officers to sign off on your EPR. It should start with your FLT/CC, but it can also start with the SQ/CC and then the GP/CC in a traditional WG-GP-SQ structure. The GP/CC is usually quite removed from you, so it is in your best interests to get as close to people you work with on a more frequent basis. You just need to check how your unit is structured. I had a weird ass structure for my LORs where my first line was an O-6 (Division Chief) and another O-6 (Commander) as the second. Some others may have a 1-star as the first line.
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