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  1. When they say X number boarded, does that includes the roll overs for the second look?
  2. It means USAREC doesn't handle the Civ submission process (they are in-service), but they receive everything from the recruiting battalions and they board those packets.
  3. It depends on the area. I tried emails and phones and it was difficult/inconsistent, so I just walked into the nearest CAB. When I couldn't find anyone, despite non-flyers helping and trying to locate a warrant in the building, I drove around the AAF and found helicopters. Went to the adjacent building next to said helicopters and ambushed the first warrant I saw. He wasn't a SWO, but looked at my stuff and hooked me up with a SWO and interview. I know others used social media, like LinkedIn to get in contact. I think you just try to do whatever you can. Going to the AAF was cool since they invited me to the pilot lounge. I talked to seasoned flyers and early WO1s just fresh out of flight school, and you learn a little bit about what to expect. You can ask questions or just BS. Every warrant has done this and is probably the most awkward part of the application process.
  4. Recruiter is your only source. All the board status stuff is internal. For the civilians, the recruiter gives us a "goarmy" link for the admin paperwork status we can check on, but anything for the WOFT board we must contact them directly.
  5. Curious, what is your due date now?
  6. True that the USAREC site info, as far as submissions and requirements, are tailored to in-service applicants. However, the board dates are the same across including the civilian packets. The only difference is the in-service folks have specific milestones dates to turn it certain items, where civilian packets can be turned in or updated, from my experience, up the day noted for last updates. Both in-service and civilian get boarded within that same week, with results usually showing up earlier for the civilians. All you can do is control what you can. Good luck!
  7. You sure that wasn't an internal email to set a stacking suspense typical of the military, for Florida to turn their stuff earlier? (e.g. CG says PT starts at 0730, disseminated down to the E-4 as 0330, pre-game to the pre-game, etc.) Board meets 13-17 Jan according to USAREC. If it changed, there would've been a MILPERs or even a Facebook post from USAREC, as they usually do. You should probably call them tomorrow, most recruiters are on block leave that should end around today.
  8. Monday (6 Jan) is the last day to submit updates, so you should be good.
  9. Another question for In-service to Civilian board folks. My Flight and General Physical exam was done while on AD under what was called a FDME. Essentially a pre-commissioning/aviation physical. It contains the following: HQ USAREC Form 3.1 w/ PUHLES, DD 2807-1 (Med Exam), DD 2808 (Fly Phys), DA Form 5550 (Body Fat), EKG, Bloodwork/Labs, DD 2992 (Med Recc for Flying), DD 2216E (Hearing Test), and a DD 2766C (shot records). The Civilian board requires the 2808 Stamped (which I have), but also a "USMEPCOM 680-3ADP (w/ DAT Results Posted)". It looks to have similar information as the FDME minus the 2808. Did any of you use the FDME in lieu of this 680 for the civ board?
  10. Thanks all, appreciate it. nil, my 368 took me about 3 weeks to get approved and sent to me electronically.
  11. I started my packet as an in-service and used the USAREC Forms (UF) for the resume/essay and LORs (have two that used digital signatures as active duty). I eventually separated from active duty and now going as a Seat to Street (S2S) with PS. The recruiter said it should be fine and a SWO who looked over my packet hasn't seen it in done like that, but doesn't see a problem with it. Has anyone submitted a S2S with these forms vice a civilian style resume/essay/LOR format? Thank you.
  12. Waivers are near and dear to my heart. You should have a sample WOFT packet pdf from your recruiter or from USAREC's page to go off of for guidance. Near the bottom are the guidelines that spell out what is asked for in a waiver (prereq, moral, age/AFS). It highlights are those items you just mentioned: 1. " This ETP request will not go before the selection board once approved. Please use as much space as required to give all the information. A short and simple approach may cause a returned request." 2. Mention what you offer to the Army that can be a mitigating circumstance to your waterfowl foul (special experience, skillsets, etc.) Sounds like you have time, so rebuild that packet and use the sample as an example for next year. Good luck!
  13. That's a bummer. After a waiver denial, does that keep you from applying for the January board?
  14. So will the board accept if your medical is valid through the board dates + 2 months, but certainly not through WOCs?
  15. The sister service doc will probably need the forms and standards in order to conform to what Rucker Aeromed will stamp. YMMV. I was prior AF, the docs at my station didn't really care for the Army standards and wouldn't help unless I provided everything for them. I ended going to the Army doc, said I wanted to swap over and apply for WOFT and they did everything seamlessly. If you have an AMC or something close by, you can do it there and it'll probably complicate things less, especially if the Navy doc has never done something like it. For the SIFT, your recruiter should have the contact for the testing center. Call/email to see what they need (should be the closest Army education center). The test center I went to needed a commander's letter endorsing me taking the test (lol) and the education center certifying my GT score before administering it.
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