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  1. I thought it was normal going from an O grade to E-5 for purposes of BCT. Is that not the case and you could've kept your Capt rank?
  2. So finally got notification to go to MEPS next week. So all in all 5-6 weeks. Hopefully everything I submitted prior will be smooth sailing and I don't have to do anymore waiting games. My flight physical expires (18 month mark) next month, going to see if I can still use it for the board.
  3. Not a doc, but some notes. Another thing if you haven't thought of already are your VA payments. They are suppose to stop once you're on AD/orders. Don't know if you did that. If you haven't, you may need to pay some of it back. I recall, maybe in questionnaire, before the physical with a bunch of yes/no/NA checkboxes or dots, there was a question about receiving, claiming or pending disability compensation, which some can overlook (I did as well, got my share of headaches). If it was an oversight, you can claim it as so at least if you choose to disclose it.
  4. Bummer, that longer than I'd like, but I'll have to prepare for that. As I came across comments during my research, MEPS can be more difficult than the Flight Physical itself. Thanks for your input. Waiting to get my actual MEPS physical scheduled. I already had a flight physical stamped when I was still active duty, intended for the in-service board. Had a change in plans and I EAS'd. Now I'm applying through a recruiter as a Seat-to-Street WOFT applicant. Erroneously thought I had everything in my packet complete and was to submit a few months back, but only thing missing after a QC was a USMEPCOM 680-3ADP form. What I submitted was a FDME (HQ USAREC Form 3.1 and flight physical aka 2808) from my aforementioned AD time, and the Form 3.1 was not acceptable, regardless if my 2808 was stamped. Seat-to-Street requires you to go to MEPS. Did you have a VA rating? How long did it take you to get your MEPS exam in November, after you submitted your initial 2807?
  5. Due to my incorrect assumptions, my stamped 2808 and FDME while I was active duty cannot be used for a seat to street WOFT packet, even if it was still valid within 18 months. So I'm having to go through MEPS now. I had to resubmit paperwork for the VA service connection and dig through old files to find my PRK pre/post op stuff I did 10 years ago. I've been waiting for about 4 weeks and getting an update from the recruiter at least once a week. They haven't got any word back. My recruiter has been straight with me so far, so I don't have reason to believe they are steering me wrong. Just had to miss the last board when I thought I was ready. This is the only thing I have left in the packet. Just wanted to hear from anyone who has been in a similar situation: How long does it take for you to get everything from the MEPS initial exam to a stamped 2808? Does the VA and PRK paperwork add a bunch of time to the right?
  6. When they say X number boarded, does that includes the roll overs for the second look?
  7. It means USAREC doesn't handle the Civ submission process (they are in-service), but they receive everything from the recruiting battalions and they board those packets.
  8. It depends on the area. I tried emails and phones and it was difficult/inconsistent, so I just walked into the nearest CAB. When I couldn't find anyone, despite non-flyers helping and trying to locate a warrant in the building, I drove around the AAF and found helicopters. Went to the adjacent building next to said helicopters and ambushed the first warrant I saw. He wasn't a SWO, but looked at my stuff and hooked me up with a SWO and interview. I know others used social media, like LinkedIn to get in contact. I think you just try to do whatever you can. Going to the AAF was cool since they invited me to the pilot lounge. I talked to seasoned flyers and early WO1s just fresh out of flight school, and you learn a little bit about what to expect. You can ask questions or just BS. Every warrant has done this and is probably the most awkward part of the application process.
  9. Recruiter is your only source. All the board status stuff is internal. For the civilians, the recruiter gives us a "goarmy" link for the admin paperwork status we can check on, but anything for the WOFT board we must contact them directly.
  10. Curious, what is your due date now?
  11. True that the USAREC site info, as far as submissions and requirements, are tailored to in-service applicants. However, the board dates are the same across including the civilian packets. The only difference is the in-service folks have specific milestones dates to turn it certain items, where civilian packets can be turned in or updated, from my experience, up the day noted for last updates. Both in-service and civilian get boarded within that same week, with results usually showing up earlier for the civilians. All you can do is control what you can. Good luck!
  12. You sure that wasn't an internal email to set a stacking suspense typical of the military, for Florida to turn their stuff earlier? (e.g. CG says PT starts at 0730, disseminated down to the E-4 as 0330, pre-game to the pre-game, etc.) Board meets 13-17 Jan according to USAREC. If it changed, there would've been a MILPERs or even a Facebook post from USAREC, as they usually do. You should probably call them tomorrow, most recruiters are on block leave that should end around today.
  13. Monday (6 Jan) is the last day to submit updates, so you should be good.
  14. Another question for In-service to Civilian board folks. My Flight and General Physical exam was done while on AD under what was called a FDME. Essentially a pre-commissioning/aviation physical. It contains the following: HQ USAREC Form 3.1 w/ PUHLES, DD 2807-1 (Med Exam), DD 2808 (Fly Phys), DA Form 5550 (Body Fat), EKG, Bloodwork/Labs, DD 2992 (Med Recc for Flying), DD 2216E (Hearing Test), and a DD 2766C (shot records). The Civilian board requires the 2808 Stamped (which I have), but also a "USMEPCOM 680-3ADP (w/ DAT Results Posted)". It looks to have similar information as the FDME minus the 2808. Did any of you use the FDME in lieu of this 680 for the civ board?
  15. Thanks all, appreciate it. nil, my 368 took me about 3 weeks to get approved and sent to me electronically.
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