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  1. CG,Mech, I am completely separated, IRR included. I will do that. I spent time on AD and Reserves, so I will contact both prior units directly. Thanks for the suggestion.
  2. Hello all, I am hoping someone can satisfy my curiosity. I know a guy who is a 64 pilot and also a prior service Marine. He told me from start to finish his packet took less than 40 days to complete. The recruiter I am currently working with told me that step 1, before I go to MEPS, is to obtain my records from the Marine Corps, which makes sense. However, the recruiting office said that it would take a minimum of 2 weeks for my records to come in due to MEPS being understaffed. Is there any way I can expedite this process? I'm not trying to be one of these people you hear about taking 10 months to put a package together... Thanks for the advice.
  3. I am still in the process of assembling my packet too, so take this with a grain of salt, but I have been told it is not a requirement to have the Army WO LOR. That being said, it can't hurt. It seems to me it would reflect well on you by showing that you have taken the time to get a recommendation from a member of the community.
  4. That is how I read that also. Unfortunately for me, my IRR time ended in 2013, so it looks like BCT it is for me (assuming I get selected). Any input on the possibility of losing rank mentioned above?
  5. Yea, I keep hearing different things from different sources. This is the first I have heard about the possibility of having to give up rank though. I busted my ass to get E-5 (as I'm sure you did too), that would be a tough pill to swallow, even if it were only for a few months. Let me know what you find out and I'll do the same.
  6. Gunny, I am a prior service USMC E-5 with 3 combat deployments, however by the time my package is submitted I will have a break in service of more that 3 years. Do you know if I will be able to go straight to WOCS like yourself, or due to my break in service will I still be required to go to BCT? Or are you aware of a Warrior Transition Course? I have heard all three and I'm not sure what is accurate.
  7. Man, I think you should go ahead and go for it, but pack a parachute. Be prepared to spend at least two years in college if your package doesn't get you selected and then submit again. I joined the Marines at 18, did that for several years and then got out, went to college and got a degree. Now that I am graduated I am competing for entry-level professional positions with guys who are 8 years younger than me. I loved my time in the Corps and am proud to be an Iraq and Afghanistan veteran, but I wish I had known about this opportunity when I was your age. Getting in young can be a big leg up if this is what you really think you want to do with your life. Start putting together your LoRs now, and start finding ways to insert yourself into leadership positions. Join clubs at school, volunteer in your community (and track what you've done), join the ROTC if/when you get to college, go ahead and start talking to recruiters, but don't let them talk you in to something you don't want. Get your GPA up as high as possible. You need to have a perfect PT score, at your age you have no excuse not to. Stay out of trouble. None of these things happen over night, start today. Keep your eye on the prize and your sh*t wired tight.
  8. When do you get your SIFT score? Is it provided as soon as you finish the test, or do you find out at a later time?
  9. Congrats to everyone selected! I am hoping to join you at Rucker in a few months.
  10. Is anyone taking their Class 1A flight physical anytime soon? If so, will you ask the doctor if they accept retained orthopedic hardware in the foot? I heard from what I believe is a credible source that they will not accept anyone with retained hardware. From where I am in the process, it will be a few months before I can get a flight physical. I am considering just going ahead and having my hardware removed. From a time perspective, it makes sense to me to go ahead and have it removed now, rather than wait a few months to be told I have to have it removed. There is a 6 month waiting period to join after any surgery, so I am just trying to cut my wait time down. Anyone have experience with this or advice?
  11. I spoke with a Flight Surgeon this morning. He says that I absolutely must get my retained hardware removed, so it looks like I'm having surgery in the next few weeks. This is going to set me back another 6 months, but I'll get there sooner or later!
  12. I guess so. Thanks for the info. The only info I have been able to find online basically says that: (9) Retained hardware that is integral to maintaining fixation or stability, or presents a risk to mobility or a risk of further injury by its presence. (2) Current retained hardware that is symptomatic, interferes with proper wearing of protective equipment or military uniform, and/or is subject to easy trauma, is disqualifying (V53.7). Retained hardware (733.99) (including plates, pins, rods, wires, or screws used for fixation) is not disqualifying if fractures are healed, ligaments are stable, there is no pain, and it is not subject to easy trauma. I hope that I'm not disqualified, or that I can get a waiver if I am!
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