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    Hey guys I like push ups, spending time with my mom an grandpa i love them alot and video games primarily call of duty because it helps me prepare for real gun battles. I'm going to be a pilot like my uncle randy who is the coolest guy with an even cooler mustash im ridin into the danger zone GO USA

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  1. pushups are being maxuhmized right now with sqawt thrusts and more pushups go usa merica donald trump 2020. lyndsey will you be my melania we will rule usa go usa when i do maxuhmized pushups at 2032 deebates.
  2. You guyz see that nerd asking advice for his nerd book. Wat a nerd. Granpa says hes some kind of libtard (whaaaaaa?) that is tryin 2 undermine real men who are going to fix what the Osama administrashun did. I don't know it's 11am and granpa is already halfway through his bottle of Vodka. Syriasly tho, granpa needs to move assad and let me take over the family, that old frickin goat. Hey pushups are going well miss you Lindsey quit flirting with Insights he has a lame jet photo like hes some kind of Maverick, yeah right hes totes Goose bro 2nd place to me cuz I get the girl to come back t
  3. My dog loves peanut butter America. Mery Christmas soljers. Get those pushups in after you eat KFC/Taco Bells for christmas. If you havent seen the new Hary Potter get on it bros USA.
  4. Shureeeeeee. Prove it. Told you my account was hacked so I started this 1. If there was an original me, who waz it?
  5. Hey Alpha Kilo Scott and Dill Murray how do you know so much about herpes? I was looking on the Google and saw photos of red bumps on peeples mouth and junk. Granpa says his best days with gramma (god rest her sol) was when she wasn't "inflamed"?? You can only hide it so long apparently I hope you guys don't share anything with anyone hey you need to call Doktor Oz America and have him czech you out cuz thats nasty for Warrior Americans to have Hermes. Im pretty sure in my experiences paying dodgeball (three years consekyoutive fourth place bros ARMIE STRONG) you can sweat it out with some
  6. Granpa says you sound like one of those persuns that stares at frozen juice boxes because it says concentrate. Just because your an Americant doesnt meen you need to piss on my macys day parade Mr. Bike. By the way are you even a pilot? I'm going WOFT super soon so you better watch out. Push ups.
  7. Well Trogdor, you are right. I can do this. This will be my last poast because I am heading into the danger zone to fly some Apache Hawks and Chiniowas. Wish my luck when I'm doing push ups because thats all thats in the way of me and being a Green Beray Sniper Pilot, my arms will need to be huge for the amount of tabs Im going to get America. I bid you all farewell and thanks for reminding me why I am the champion and will succeed better than I did b4. To everyone, granpa says the new generation of soldiers are a bunch of pansies and you should be flying vs-300's into the heat of battle.
  8. I don't know, granpa told me to watch out when making deals with the casino people. Is it a teepee or an actual house? I think the land yacht will have to do, especially if we can bring four of our project vehicles. We have an 85 Yugo GV, 70 AMC Gremlin, 66 peel trident and a 98 fiat multipla. You can probably imagine the stares me and granpa get when we get one of them running and cruise our local boulevard. Sorry have to go to pushups America go USA getting ARMIE STRONG.
  9. Hey do you think it would be posible to get a trailer (my granpas trailer) and put it on Rucker when I'm going to be flying helicopters before Ranger school? Its just your basik 1971 Airsteam Land Yacht international Camper Trailer (Shes about 31 feet). We don't want to bring the gnomes or the yard globes but since i'm joining the boys club I made some way way sweet garden chimes out of soda pop cans - - super wikked i know. Anyways, let me know if the trailer works America because home is where the heart is and our 1971 land yacht is home so America. Home is where we park it USA. Screw IS
  10. George Lucas lives in Marin. You wish but I'm already catching up. I bet side by side I could beat you in push ups. America. Marines are the worst branch of the US military. I got a 30 on my asvad the first time around and they were the only ones who said "whoa, you got a 30 on your asvad? we could use a superstar like you." I knew then I had too get into the Armie.
  11. My account was hack Bright Shadow and I injured myself doing windmills but with an air guitar variashun so basically i was rocking out too hard and I dislocated my shoulder. Granpa is good, gramma passed away and my granpa said 11 years and he finally gets to get dip his wick so I made shure to go to Walmart and get him some extra candles. I'm going to be starting WOCS as soon as I finish BCT and get these pushups going I'm already washing cars and marching around my neigborhood prepping. My granpa keeps mentioning something about WOCSLOP? Sounds Polish or something. Anyways bro I have
  12. My account was hacked my granpa said it was the Russhens but I think he is just putin me on. America. Sorry I've been gone so long I've been doing pushups like way way crazy and when I saw Hilary Clinton was running for president I didn't want to be in Armie Aviation anymore but since Donald is the winner im talking to my recruiter again. America. I just wanted everyone to know that the board is really easy if you read every page of this topic because like my gramma said, god rest her seoul, that if anyone of these people knew as much as I did on here they would just float through the board n
  13. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mddh1YEIQIs
  14. I have a push up reguhment for you that is way way killer so go be strong, Armie Strong. America. Hey so my gramma says the national guard screwed up her party during the prohibition, would this be a reason not to join? She was taken in cuffs and apparently it will ruin my top secret clearing sense. Thanks for the info.
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