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  1. First time I flew in a helicopter was my nickel ride in flight school. Dont sweat it. In regards to studying if you can get your hands on the army aerodynamics that would be time well spent. If not then the FAA rotorcraft manual has pretty much the same aerodynamic info.
  2. I cant speak intelligently on FW, but if you are RW you will not get a TS just because you are pinning on an extra dot.
  3. Nothing came of the memo. As snake driver alluded to, a basic level of CAS proficiency would need to be the first goal. Also, the army can not afford to give up aviators for ground rotations any time soon. That being said FAC(A) is not dead.
  4. Sure, but since we are discussing airframe selection I am discussing what the 60 population in the big army does, not what one single 60 company in the DoD does.
  5. Sure, as long as you know attack is not one of those missions. Also know that while 60s have a diverse set of missions, you may only see a few of those in your time.
  6. An Internet forum is not the place to discuss this. If you want to know more talk to a recruiter. If you are already in find your friendly neighborhood attack pilot and ask.
  7. Well, I did not go into debt and miss out on benefits in my path to fly, and you did not surrender 6-20 years of your life to fly. I dont mean that in a bad way at all. My point is that neither one of us truly understands where the other is coming from and I dont think we can get to that point on an Internet forum. Perhaps if we had an opportunity to sit down over a beer we could better understand the sacrifices each one of us made to get into RW aviation. Until then, we are all pilots at the end of the day. Fly safe.
  8. If you believe that those who get their flight training from the military dont pay for it then you are mistaken. If you dont think that those that stick it out for twenty years and retire with a pension and tons of benefits paid for their training then you are sorely mistaken.
  9. Regarding the ARSOA bonus. A $250 /month bonus has taken the place of the green platoon completion bonus. You can start collecting that upon completion of green platoon. From there the money starts increasing based on your progression and time in the regiment. I also agree that while the money definitely factors into your familys decision to come over, it should not be the reason you are coming over. If it is you will quickly learn that its not enough. The bonus is for your family to take care of things while you are gone. Thats the way a lot of us look at it anyway.
  10. Im not an RLO but I have to stick up for them here. They dont just look for OER bullets and turn red to green on PowerPoint. The good ones also turn red to green on Excel.
  11. I am going to elaborate on compressibility real quick. Smart people feel dee to chime in as its been a while. Subsonic air=not compressible Supersonic air = compressible Local velocities along the blade exceed the actual relative velocity of the blade. This causes the blade to encounter supersonic airflow sooner than we would expect if we did the math without getting into crazy math. When the airflow goes from supersonic (compressible) to subsonic (not compressible) a shockwave is created which can shift the center of pressure well outside the designed limits causing all the stuff that folks above mentioned. Based on air density and all that we encounter supersonic flows sooner in cold temps so they actually effect us. Thats off the top of my head so you might want to bounce it off a book written by someone smarter.
  12. I will echo Vaelor. Your focus needs to be on managing the sensor and the weapons and all the mission stuff in the front seat when you show up to the unit. To answer the cyclic question since you will be doing the vast majority of your flying in the front when you show up, generally the cyclic is collapsed to get in and out of the cockpit. Unless your body or kit interferes with it it should be up at all times when you are flying. That way you can always take the controls if something happens to the back seater.
  13. The sarcastic attitude will definitely help you get through WOCS as long as you keep it between you and your classmates. I'm not being sarcastic.
  14. Sure it might hurt your odds a bit but we are hurting for pilots so don't worry about it. Drop your packet. Worrying about it won't help.
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