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  1. Did they tell you you will be going straight through the whole pipeline? Did they tell you you will be coming in as an 09W? I’ve seen street to seat done some creative ways in the Guard. For example, you are boarded and selected and for whatever logistical reason enlist as a 15T, go to BCT, have your orders amended, go to your unit, wait for a WOCS slot, return to your unit, wait for an IERW slot, etc. Point being, the Guard can get creative. While not your contract so to speak, if you have a letter from the aviation board accepting you, no need to panic if they are doing something weird to bring you in (though certainly ask questions). If you are inevitably getting married, being legally married prior to this whole thing will be easier/to your benefit. However, DO NOT let that be the reason you get married. You can transfer States at a later time. Life happens, but it can be a shitty thing to do if you do it right off the bat as states have limited school slots and most are hurting for pilots.
  2. You can/will still incur an additional ADSO if you accept a school though, right?
  3. Try to find a place with a pool. My only regret about living on post. Summers are f*cking brutal and having a pool is 100% worth it.
  4. I can’t believe they let us solo when they did in that thing
  5. Every state does things a different way. Reach out to individual NATIONAL GUARD recruiters in whatever respective states you are interested in, and ask to speak with the WOSM, or warrant officer strength manager. They should have a good read on what the hiring situation is like in their state. I think it also wouldn’t be unreasonable to ask to be put in touch with whoever their liason is in the aviation unit. Some states do require enlisted membership first. Others do not.
  6. Bumping this — just finished the Hawk course. Has been quite the journey.
  7. Fair point. I’ve gotta say the whole IP retirement gig would be pretty sweet given the income to cost of living ratio.
  8. 23 an hour for a nurse is nuts. Usually starts at least 10 bucks more than that at home. I know for my wife’s program she had to research practice differences around the country for NPs/CNMs and it’s nuts how they get screwed down here and start at 6 figures back home.
  9. My guess is your aviation experience will allay any concerns they might have about you succeeding in flight school, but will also raise some concern about split loyalties. Not saying that is right or wrong, but the guard/reserve has been weary of aviators who fly fixed wing commercially as many have prioritized their airline careers over getting their army flight hours. I’ve talked to people who were asked about this during their aviation boards. That is to say — have an answer ready.
  10. If you like your job why not just go Guard aviation? I would think being a teacher would work pretty well with it. I’m just a lowly flight student, but I have zero regrets about Army Guard aviation thus far. Grass is always greener, I suppose. I also have done 10 years in the military so I have seen what bad can be and what good can be. Whatever you choose, I’d try to figure out if you want rotary or fixed wing. I took a couple intro lessons in both, and it wasn’t even a question. If you do want rotary, army is the “sure thing.”
  11. You need to reach out to the WOSM in your state. Ask your recruiter to put you in touch. I can tell you given your age it is likely they will want to see you put a few years in before selecting you.
  12. Are you talking guard woft or active duty woft? Entirely different process.
  13. We ended up moving down here with a 4 month old so she opted to just stick with her part time masters (WHNP/CNM) program which was largely remote due to covid. She did manage to knock out a couple of her clinical placements at the urgent care here, and she stayed home for an extra month after HBL for her OB rotations. She did get a couple offers when she applied. I think they may have been per diem positions, but she wasn’t looking for full time work with the baby and daycare being a sh*t show due to covid.
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