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  1. Ask the WOSM if you can tour/speak to some people in the aviation unit. While it's true that the WOSM is the gatekeeper it isn't his or her decision on how aviation recruits. Those decisions are generally delegated to the State Aviation Office. By getting some facetime talking to some members of the unit, warrants who fly for the unit full-time, etc, you may open some doors.
  2. Nobody knows. The only solid word that came from higher is that there will be a 2 week pause in common core and that WOBC/BOLC and SERE will still run. Hearing some other rumors now, but who knows. I think it's safe to say all said and done, at the very least this will cause some turbulence. We are lucky in that the CG here seems to be awesome, gives weekly briefings on the facebook page, and fields questions from viewers. The entire country, the army included, is taking this thing as it comes. Things are are changing constantly.
  3. Do you mean guard or reserves? Most people don't know the difference. Guard has a lot of leeway in how they run their programs, reserves is probably uniform across the country and I doubt you can do the flight phys AFTER boarding. For guard its conceivable of that what you describe is how the state opts to run their program. I spent the last 9 months working for the WOSM in my state's recruiting and retention battalion, primarily dealing with applicants for aviation.
  4. Got down here last weekend and moved into our house on base. My wife and I are finishing up getting the house set up and baby settled, and I report the end of this coming week. As of now, delays in training are only rumored so I anticipate starting WOBC 2 weeks from Monday. Our "sister" BOLC class is running already. It is two weeks longer but graduates the same date and feeds into the same SERE class. So far some rumors have turned out to be true, and others have not (yet) come to fruition.
  5. Selected March 2018, WOCS April 2019, IERW March 2020. I had a September IERW date but took a later date since we had a baby this fall. This isn't a good metric to go off of, as each state, flight school allocations, selected applicants waiting for school, etc, will vary. I know guard guys who were in IERW within 6 months of selection. Again, varies wildly.
  6. For purposes of FEDRECing an enlisted Soldier to "WOC" for the Guard we go 18 months from the date initiated. If it will be past 18 months from the date initiated, we have them conduct a new physical prior to the FEDREC board. All that said, I haven't actually read the regulation. Date stamped would be nice, but sometimes, especially if the Soldier needed a waiver, that can be a significant amount of time since the actual physical was conducted.
  7. Goes without saying that you should see a medical professional. I get you don't have insurance, but there's a lot on the line to just "wait it out." Pay a few hundred bucks and drop by an urgent care center.
  8. Not sure about aviation, but on the Guard side SFCs with a certain amount of time in grade in a feeder MOS for a technical job will pin CW2 upon completion of WOBC. Captains in aviation with 2 years TIG can also pin direct to CW2 if converting. Never heard of this being the case for aviators. Remember that for aviation WOBC concludes with WOBC-B at the end of flight school, so you are pretty close to 2 years at that point anyway. I went to WOCS last April, so I'll hit 2 years before I graduate WOBC-B since I don't start IERW until later this month. Therefore my DOR will be effective my graduation from WOBC-B.
  9. Another former Marine here about to leave for IERW. Plenty of Marines go this route, you won't be alone. As others have stated, get the eye stuff done.
  10. It is funny how across the globe there is a persistent mindset of one political persuasion that wants to crush anything to do with freedom, liberty, fun, etc. Sounds like the OPs mind is made it up. I would wait to see how much of a nuisance this really is before getting angry about someone using their private property for their own purposes. This just reminds me of the folks who lose their minds over jet-skis and power boats and get their "idyllic lake" at the expense of the other half of the people who bought homes their to enjoy other types of recreation.
  11. I work in recruiting for the Guard, our current (as of Feb 2020) turn around time has been approximately 2 months from when we send it down to when we get it back with a stamp. I think Rucker runs at different speeds at different times of the year. Their are ebbs and flows of flight physicals that correspond with ROTC kids trying to pick their branches, etc. At other times it has been a couple weeks. That said, we have also called down when a board was a week or so away before and depending where the physical is in the process they have been able to get it back to us before we hold a board.
  12. This probably the type of person who asks for advice, doesn't take it, and then will spend the rest of their life complaining about how the army screwed them over.
  13. The right answer is never lie on an official government document. For what it's worth, I didn't even need a waiver for my 1W for a back strain, knee strain, and tinnitus that added up to a 30% rating. Depending what you claimed, and what was awarded, I think it certainly has the potential to cause problems, or at the very least, a headache.
  14. Hey, just an update. Have my PCS orders in hand finally. Headed down to Rucker in a few weeks with the wife, 3 dogs, and new baby. I'm still on ADOS with the WOSM for MA, so if anyone has any questions about the Guard process, I'm close to a SME currently, at least as far as aviation is concerned.
  15. The color standard is color safe, not normal color. The army has transitioned to a computer based test known as the rabin cone contrast test. If you meet a certain benchmark, you are color safe. If you don't, thats when you find yourself in ETP territory. How that goes is anyones guess, but a good friend just had an ETP rejected by proponent to be a 15T, let alone a pilot. You can fight to make them say no. I would say I don't think it's likely, but as the pilot shortage gets worse, who knows. Keep us posted.
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