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  1. Mechanical Engineering. Good income prospects with the major, and will definitely help you understand whirly-bird stuff, though definitely isn’t “required.”
  2. The only information they get (unless it has changed) is what you give them. That said, medical documentation for MEPS is signed under penalty of perjury.
  3. If you don’t watch SmarterEveryDay you are a loser. I’ve watched almost all that dudes videos on everything. Is it? For the SIFT, the FAA helicopter flying handbook and commercial SIFT study guides are more than enough. For stuff to familiarize yourself with for flight school, there are more options that aren’t really relevant to the SIFT, IE 95-1.
  4. Thanks. About to start the A/L course as well
  5. It is entirely state by state dependent. Also, even some states that have a need are having bottleneck issues getting people to Rucker. 2+ year wait times are not unheard of. Call around and ask to speak to the WOSM in the states you are interested in.
  6. I thought that was a given anyway. It’ll be interesting jumping from a 67 to a 60M... then back to A/Ls. I am glad I got 67s for the simple reason of I think it’ll make the transition from the mike back to the A/L easier.
  7. A lot of people here are over-thinkers. Plenty of stuff in actual flight school to overthink. WOCS, just show up, don’t violate any honor codes, and listen to instructions and you’ll be fine.
  8. I’m almost done with common core and it’s still kicking my ass lol. I’ve never been so bad at anything in my life. I do think I’ll look back at it fondly, but those 72s look like they’re on rails!
  9. I think the wise thing to do would at least be to start towards your rating while maintaining your very solid career. Reassess as you move through the process. I joined the Guard after finishing grad school because I always wanted to fly. I’m just now wrapping up the first half of the training. I am really enjoying it, but it’s an ass-kicker and it’s not what pretty much anyone here pictured. I’m sure at least in the training phase, the civilian world is less stressful, but this is never going to be a job that is stress free. It’s just not in the nature of it. Having worked in re
  10. The land nav course is easy as hell, and you get 2 tries (and worst case they just recycle you). Unless you don’t understand the very concept of land nav, you’ll be fine. If you can get practice, by all means do. “Rifle PT” was the only PT session that smoked me in WOCS. Just have fun with it.
  11. WOCS PT wasn’t bad at all. I’d be able to comfortably run 3-4 miles at a moderate pace (like 8-8:30) and know you’ll be ahead of the game.
  12. They’ll probably work with you on a wedding if it’s close.
  13. If your back is fully healed your biggest hurdle may or may not be whatever it is you went to jail for. If it was expunged my guess is it wasn’t serious enough to be a permanent disqualifier but that is a recruiter question. If you are eligible to enlist and eligible for a security clearance, I imagine a flight board wouldn’t write you off over something stupid you did as a 16 year old 15 years ago, assuming you have made good decisions since then. Start working with a recruiter and see where you get.
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