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  1. Looks like I'll most likely be pushed to the January board awaiting a waiver to be approved still not "board ready", unless some miracle happens and its approved before Monday. Good luck to everyone...
  2. Has anyone been given the Board ready status yet? I've been checking the status and there seems to be a 2-3 day turn around now for a response.
  3. Haha I'm sure that will continue all the way up until you actually show up for WOCS. .
  4. I've heard the same from Warrants I know, but it still doesn't kill the anxiousness that I'm sure we all have.
  5. Yes, I sent the status update and I'm told its awaiting final approval.
  6. Nope, like most I'm still waiting on the board ready status, been a little over 5 weeks now. I do have one waiver though, so hope to hear an update soon.
  7. I checked the numbers of previous boards, the percentages seem to be pretty high. If the Army is saying its attempting to increase the number of personnel selected then it seems there will be almost a +80% chance of being selected as long as your not a dirt bag. These are active duty numbers selected vs applicants. March = 50/83 May = 68/78 July = 90/95 September = 82/112
  8. Age - 31 GT - 117 SIFT - 55 APFT - 288 Military - 13 Years Active Duty (Prior Service Navy) , SSG, CIV ED - 75 Semester hours towards Bachelors Flight Hours - None Physical - G2G LOR - CO(MAJ), BC(LTC), CW4 I figured I'd start a topic for the November Board. I've been following this forum for a few months now, picked up some great info. Who else is awaiting their fate on the Nov board?
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