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  1. This question is mostly aimed at prior enlisted and their overall experience vs. their expectations in serving as an Aviation Warrant Officer. What are some of the things that you don't/didn't like about the Aviation community? Did things change as you progressed as a Warrant Officer? What exceeded your expectations? What are some of the more challenging things about being a WO that took time for you to adjust to? What do you wish you knew as a junior Aviator/WO? Everything in the Army has a dark side and I feel like I never see anyone talk about getting the green weenie in regards to being an Aviator. Appreciate all of your feedback!
  2. I apologize for the back-to-back posts but I wanted to leave some more guidance. If you would like a good example of how to write your essay, I would look at how Military autobiographies and EOT awards are written.
  3. There is guidance on writing essays all over this forum. You're not writing a novella; you need to write a terse, to-the-point, reason on why you're qualified to be an Army Aviation Warrant Officer. Candidate's entire packets are only given a few minutes for reviewal. The first three sentences in your essay could be removed entirely, as they give no concrete evidence that you'd make a good candidate. Cut the whole thing down, give the facts. At the end of the drafting process, my "essay" was only one paragraph long; however, it adequately summarized my entire military accomplishments.
  4. I'm sure someone here will be willing to look you up on the MILPER messsage. If I'm still around by the time they drop the results PM me.
  5. Okay, great, I'll just do the conversion. I appreciate the responses!
  6. Are there issues with your enlisted rank leaving an "imprint" on the sleeves?
  7. Is it worth buying the officer jacket and getting it tailored prior to WOCS or is it something you should hold off on? I'm not going to bother with converting my current jacket. Appreciate your feedback.
  8. Yeah, if you read the packet checklist, it has that phrase in parentheses.
  9. The board is just looking for "applicable Company and Field Grade UCMJ authority." Troop will work.
  10. Shorten it to no more than three paragraphs. Also get rid of all of the fluffy "sympathizing stuff"; stick to writing about what you think qualifies you to be a Warrant Officer. Speak plainly and get to the point. My "essay" was only a paragraph.
  11. Is that first paragraph an excerpt from an essay lol? Thank you both; this was much easier than calling up HHC.
  12. Question for you recent WOCS graduates: On the packing list they state that you need "1" Binder Rings." Do they mean literal 1" Rings or 1" Binder WITH Rings?
  13. Really great to see Soldiers mentoring future Army leaders!
  14. Leave Shindigums alone! I will not stand for your cyber-bullying!
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