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  1. Same. Pretty nervous because wife and I are handling her July 22nd due date but not sure how difficult it would be to move the whole family down before WOCS. I have to reread all of the Rucker Housing thread to find any important information regarding my situation.
  2. Anyone still anxious for the results on this? Active Duty here and I'm trying to avoid refreshing MILPERS an unecessary amount of times
  3. When I met the CW5 it was on a weekend so being in civilians made it somewhat of a relaxed feeling but I still used appropriate manners and respect. I had sent my entire packet to him prior so he could look over it. When we met in his office he made some comments of "Fix this block on your ERB" "I made some corrections on your resume", a few here and there. After that we honestly just chatted. I asked if he loved flying little birds (obviously I knew he loved it.. I just wanted him to talk about 160th stuff) he informed me of what life would be like for my spouse and whatnot. Overall it was ro
  4. Sorry that question was worded terribly. I was just curious if most of the pilots strive to make it to 160th or if they're perfectly okay with being in the regular army aviation? Being in an infantry unit I notice that a large portion of the guys here try to get into Ranger, SF etc etc.
  5. Since the discussion of "Do most soldiers want aviation?" has anyone noticed some kind of trend to make an educational decision whether or not a majority of Army pilots want 160th?
  6. Was just informed my packet is board ready. First time submitting and thankfully didn't have to make any corrections. Now to twiddle my thumbs for a month.
  7. Have looked around this forum sight for quite some time just trying to gather as much information as I can. Really enjoy the community that this website brings together. Looking at prior candidates for previous boards can get somewhat intimidating. Submitted for the January board. Age: 22 ASVAB/GT: 89/123 SIFT: 55 PT: 283 Flight Physical: Go Military: 3 years TIS Civilian Education: 66 Semester credit hours. Currently enrolled in classes to finish up my AA LOR: CO, BC, CW5 Flight Hours: None. Waivers: None.
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