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  1. I called Fort Rucker yesterday. They told me that 19-004 starts January 15th and graduation is February 21st. 5 weeks.
  2. Can anybody confirm this? I've been in BCT for the past 9 weeks and haven't heard anything. If it's true, is our report date still 00:00 on the 3rd?
  3. I'm scheduled for 19-004 January 3rd. Got held up a week for bct, so my bct graduation is now December 18th. Really hoping that I'll be able to ship to Rucker the same day and go home for block leave. Not really sure how the inprocessing into Rucker works. I can't imagine they process over block leave, but who knows.
  4. Hey, everybody Little over a half month away from shipping now and was curious how slow/fast everybody is getting through Fort Rucker. Is the army trying to expedite everybody because of the shortage, or is the larger amount of recruits creating more bubbles? Also was wondering if anybody has graduated bct in early December (I ship October 1st to Fort Jackson) and didn't start WOCS until January 3rd. Should I expect to be able to come home between that time, just during Christmas Exodus, or not at all?
  5. Nothing exciting for me. Do you know the details about Christmas? Do you think we'll be able to go home right after basic graduation and then come back the 1st of January or something? I was kind of excited how it looks like we should get to come home in between, but I haven't gotten my hopes up.
  6. Thank you for the contrasting opinion. I've heavily considered something that I can rent out when I leave. Are you still at Ft. Rucker or do you use a property management company?
  7. The idea was definitely to buy something cheap that needed work. Unfortunately, flight school sounds like a full+ time job. Just doesn't seem like I'll have time for it☹️
  8. Yeah, I considered just about everything besides the market in Alabama. I'll take your advice. Now the question is, should I live on post or rent off base? I've read a couple threads on it and most people just didn't like the commute. I won't get any BAH if I live in housing on base, right? Thank you for the replies. I'd rather not dick myself financially and academically for trying to buy a house that I'd live in for 2 years.
  9. I was selected in March and am headed off to basic training October 1st. WOCS starts January 3rd and I'm contemplating buying a house to live in for the 1.5 - 2 years I'm at Ft. Rucker. It doesn't really matter to me if I live on or off base. I just hate the idea of throwing my money away for rent when I could put it into a house that I can get my money back out of. It also looks like buying a house would cost me less money per month anyway. It seems like an easy choice to me, but I wonder why most people either live on post or rent off post. Anybody have any input?
  10. My bad, Wolf. Thanks for the clarification. I didn't figure the Army treated GED's different than high school diplomas. I guess that's why they call it "High School to Flight School" and not "High School or GED to Flight School" haha. Sorry for the confusion.
  11. You're not missing anything. I was just selected with a high school diploma and no college credits whatsoever.
  12. There is no requirement for ANY college credits for the Warrant Officer Flight Training program. All an applicant needs is a high school diploma or I assume a GED. I was just selected in the March board with nothing more than my high school diploma.
  13. I agree 100% with RiseUpNation44. Your recruiter likely doesn't want to spend the time to put together a woft packet. I also found that all the recruiters I dealt with were completely clueless on the process. I think they honestly believed that you're more likely to get selected as AD. The selection rates don't lie. Submit your civilian WOFT packet and if you REALLY can't get selected, then enlist.
  14. Get good scores on your tests and apply asap. Everybody is getting selected. The sooner you submit your packet, the better. Worst case scenario is that you don't get selected and then reapply with your degree and better test scores.
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