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  1. Oh yeah I guess thats true. Didn't think about that. But hey If anyone wants to fly then do whatever it takes. Its totally worth it.
  2. Hey all just had a question. Im currently a commissioned aviation officer in the IRR (Used to be in the Reserves) trying to go active duty warrant. Is it legit that the recruiter I'm talking to said I have to go to a board with their battalion before I submit my packet for the AD warrant officer selection board via USAREC? Or should I just submit my packet when its done? My packet is complete just waiting on the 368.
  3. I know it was talked about a bit in this post but the release memorandum from branch is a real pain and its the last thing I need for my packet. Any advice? My branch manager has no clue what I'm even talking about. Any examples??
  4. Hoping that I also get picked up on this board. Already rated in the UH-60 A/L and M-Model. Switching to Warrant. Good luck to everyone!
  5. Thanks anyways. Unfortunately thats pretty much the same answer I've gotten from everyone that I've talked with.
  6. Not 100% sure but I know when I took mine the score was provided on the screen as soon as I finished.
  7. Hey all I'm new to this forum but I was reading through this entire post and wondered if anyone might have an answer. Im a commissioned guy O-2 that finished flight school Rated in the A/L and M model UH-60 but my reserve unit shut down and they put me in the IRR. Could I switch to Warrant and go active duty by submitting a warrant packet? Anything input would be more helpful from what I've got from branch thanks!
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