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  1. does anyone know of any good electronic logbook downloads or programs out there? i'm looking to back up my actual logbooks and figured i'd ask before trying to put one together on excel. thanks...
  2. When it comes to acquiring the night hours for flying EMS, do operators ever consider fixed-wing night time, or do they only count the helicopter night hours? Thanks...
  3. I use skyvector.com. You can't enter coordinates directly, but you can enter identifiers (airports, navaids, intersections, etc.) and drag your flight path to various locations...
  4. If you're going to utilize your GI Bill to pay for training, be sure to go to a school that's affiliated with a university and accepts chapter 33 benefits. You may have to go to college at the same time, but at least you won't have to pay anything out of pocket and you'll still get E-5 with dependent BAH based on the location of your school. I earned all my ratings (through CFII) while I was enlisted and unfortunately paid out of pocket. If only I would've waited a couple of years, I wouldn't be stuck trying to pay off this crazy amount of debt on a CFII salary.
  5. First and foremost, as a long time reader and rare poster, I would like to thank all of the active message board participants for the time they spend sharing their knowledge on this site. I've been an avid reader all the way from my private training through CFII and I still frequent this site many times a day. Anyways, my employer approached me recently and asked if I was interested in putting together an Inadvertent IMC Course. I know of a few flight schools out there that already have a course like this in place, but I still thought of getting everyone's opinions on this site. The course would essentially consist of 2 hours of ground training, 1 hour of training in our Fly-It sim, and 2 hours of flight training in the R-22 or R-44. The ground training would provide a basic understanding of aircraft instrumentation related to IFR flight, a discussion on how to properly maneuver the helicopter in the event of an IMC encounter, how to properly recover from unusual attitudes, and weather conditions in which an inadvertent IMC encounter is most likely to occur. The sim training would consist of basic flight maneuvers with reference to the instruments, VMC to IMC flight, 180 degree turns in IMC with both full and partial panels, and navigation using the Magnetic Compass. The flight portion would consist of basic hood work, inadvertent IMC recoveries, unusual attitude recoveries using both full and partial panels, and navigation using the Magnetic Compass. The course would be geared more towards those who don't have an instrument rating, but would be a good refresher for all pilots. My course outline is still a work in progress, but I just wanted to get everyone's thoughts on a course like this and whether they think it would generate enough interest. Any opinions, comments, or ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks...
  6. I would be interested in serving in Michigan or at least somewhere in the Midwest where I'm a little closer to home. Just out of curiousity, approximately how many hours do you fly monthly or yearly with the Guard? And does your Guard sevice ever seem to conflict with your civilian job? Thanks for the help so far and I'll probably end up giving the recruiter a call later this week...
  7. After spending 5 years enlisted in the Navy, I'm about to separate in August. While I was enlisted, I earned my B.S. from Embry-Riddle and managed to get my Commercial ASEL Instrument and all the helicopter ratings through CFII. As I'm about to transition to the civilian world, I am looking into the possibilities of becoming a Army National Guard Warrant Officer Aviator so I can still serve my country, but live in my home state and have a civilian flying job. Does anyone here have any experience flying for the National Guard? I would definitely appreciate some insite before I go talk to a recruiter. Thanks...
  8. For you GOMers out there, how much actual IFR time would one get flying an IFR ship in the Gulf? I would like to fly EMS one day and am curious to know the best way to accumulate the actual IFR time that some SPIFR EMS operators require. Thanks...
  9. Since there are a lot of you on here who seem to have a good deal of offshore experience, I was wondering... how many flight hours do entry level offshore pilots working for one of the major companies (PHI, Era, Air Logistics) average per year? Thanks a lot.
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