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  1. My husband is the enthusiastic helicopter pilot in our family, but I enjoy learning about the helicopter industry since it is something he enjoys so much and I regularly visit this forum to help me better understand aspects of his career. That being said, I just read him your question, and he said that for starting out, www.mypilotstore.com has an ASA Private Pilot Helicopter Kit that would be beneficial. If you wanted to spend about $75 more, get the Deluxe Private Pilot Helicopter Kit with DVD. He also says to purchase a good Aviation weather book, such as the Aviation Weather: FAA Advisory Circular AC 00-6B. Study those books as much as possible on your own. And as a side note, embarking on the path to become a career helicopter pilot (that earns a liveable wage) is a very long and tough road. I think a few people already talked to you about that in your previous post but I just wanted to share my two cents as well. My husband is now at the point he can earn a reasonable salary as a pilot, but we had to make many sacrifices along the way, including moving across the country to an area neither of us wanted to live, so he could get those coveted PIC hours. And it took about seven years to be able to be at this point. Some people might be able to get to a liveable-wage job more quickly than that, but this was our story. Perseverance was the key for my husband to get to where he is today.
  2. Hello all! When you want to look for available helicopter pilot job openings, what are your go-to websites (besides verticalreference.com, of course)?
  3. Hello all! Since this is my first post, I just have to say thank you everyone for all the helpful posts and contributions you make on a regular basis. My husband (the pilot) and I (the wife) have lurked on vertical reference for years and gleaned so much valuable information. The hubby is doing a lot of work out of town these days and we both are thankful for the job opportunities he has had, but since I am daydreaming right now about him having a job where I can see him more often, I have a question for you… I have regularly been seeing job postings for the Air Interdiction Pilot. What I am wondering is: 1. The usajobs.gov website says “you will be required to travel frequently”. From anyone who has worked in this area, is this statement pretty accurate? I wonder if he was to get this job, would be gone from home for days/weeks on end, on a regular basis? 2. Is this a 24/7 job with rotating shifts to cover all hours, days, nights, and holidays? I saw conflicting info in the forums and different websites on this. Or is it possible that this is mostly a Monday-Friday job with regular 8 am to 5 pm hours? I know that when a person is a low-time helicopter pilot, sacrifices are necessary from both the pilot and the significant other; we knew that going into this pursuit. It is likely wishful thinking from me at this point, but I’m just looking forward to the time when I can see my husband every day again. Thanks again to all of you!
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