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  1. Thanks for all the advice. Everything helps. I just found out the 44 I've been flying goes back Feb.1, so I'm going up in the 22 at the local airport to get a feel for how I like it. I already have a full time airline job, so this is for fun and future without going bankrupt.
  2. Nobody is doing anything at Weiser or Hooks anymore. Galaxy in Conroe has R22 & R44 training. Contact Matt Goodwin. David Lewis is doing freelance out of Hooks in a leased R44 Raven II. I just got my private add on with him. I can give you his contact info if you like.
  3. I just got my rotorcraft add on rating and have 65 hours, all in the R44. I'm trying to decide if I should stick with the R44 to get my commercial or if I should do my 25 hours PIC in the R22 so that I'm qualified on both. Also, no one seems to ever rent an R44 solo, but they do the R22, with limitations and the R22 is less expensive. I did all my flying with a leased aircraft and freelance CFI and the R44 we've used may go back in February and therefore not available to me. The only local school (Conroe, TX) has both available for training, but doesn't generally rent the R44 solo without extensive experience, if at all. Is it worth it to "downgrade" and learn the "squirly" R22 to get 20+ hours in it or is it too much of a change and it would take me too many hours to get comfortable to make my commercial training worthwhile? All advice is appreciated. Thanks, Tripp
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