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  1. I know I am a little late, but I was also in the exact same situation as you are a few months back. I did my flight physical and even though I passed all the measurements my unit wanted me to conduct a cockpit evaluation since I was so close to the prescribed limit for crotch height (I stand 5'3 as well). I passed so if I did need a waiver it would have most likely been granted. Really all you have to prove is that you can reach all of the important controls. I did mine in the AH-64 and the seat adjusted so it wasn't difficult at all for me to manipulate anything. Just pray and stretch beforehand, that's what I did at least. I still had a little room to reach pretty much everything so unless you are significantly shorter than 5'3 I wouldn't stress entirely too hard about being short.
  2. During one of my boards a Senior Aviator recommended that I read about the history of Army Aviation to prepare myself and instill pride in what I am about to partake in. I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations for books that you have enjoyed related to Army Aviation or military aviation in general?
  3. I know Mike has already said plenty, but I was just selected by my state's aviation selection board and have a FEDREC board scheduled for September. While working with my WOSM everything was done very professionally and the board asked me plenty of tough questions. My state is very Apache heavy so they made sure to let me know that is what I will be flying if selected. Also since I was a Street to Seat candidate that scheduling everything from Basic to Flight School will take a long time. I was told there would be a 6-8 month wait time. But since you are prior service i'm sure your process will be much faster than mine. Best of luck to you! Charlie N.
  4. Well everyone, the time has come to start nervously thinking about selection for the next two weeks. Anyways this is my second look so i'm sweating pretty hard. My stats have remained the same except for some revisions to my essay, resume, and LORs. Civilian Applicant, 2nd Look: General Stats Age: 22 Education: B.A in Economics 2.77 GPA AFQT/GT: 97/134 SIFT: 55 APFT: 290 Flight: 0 Flight Physical: Stamped LOR: SCANG CW4, CW2 (Retired), Civilian Boss
  5. Thank you so much for the revisions, I understand now that I did use a little too much passion and not enough evidence in my essay. My original essay was much more detailed, but I had to condense it for the sake of the handwritten essay that was not even required. I will take all of your revisions and update my essay soon.
  6. Hello everyone, I applied for the May 2019 Board and was deemed FQ-NS. Though the news was disappointing, it only shows that I have much room to grow and prove that I meet the standards of the Army Warrant Officer Corps. Like many others that have been passed on their first looks I would like some advice on how to improve my packet and increase my chances of selection. I have listed my stats and essay below, anyone feel free to comment on what could use some improvement. I am determined to be selected this next board and will do anything in my power to make sure it becomes a reality. Civilian Applicant Age: 22 Education: B.A in Economics 2.7 GPA AFQT/GT: 97/134 SIFT: 55 APFT: 290 Flight: 0 Flight Physical: Stamped LOR: SCANG CW4, CW2 (Retired), Civilian Boss Sidenote: Congratulations to all that were selected May 2019. I am sure you will all make amazing pilots. Why I want to be an Army Aviator Growing up as a second-generation immigrant, I have always respected the hard work of those that serve our country. The opportunity to prosper as a citizen is only possible through the armed services that keep our nation safe. This is where my passion to serve stems from and providing others the same privileges given to me would be an honor. Being selected into Warrant Officer Flight Training would allow me to unite my love for aviation, with my love for country. Throughout my time interning with the Columbia Police Department, I have learned much about operating within a structured organization. During my internship, I worked with many investigators ranging from the Violent Crimes Unit to the Special Victims Unit. Gathering information through video surveillance, biometric identification, and field interviews I assisted investigators in building cases to make sure the correct suspect was convicted. Through great mentorship within the department, I have learned that meticulous preparation and attention to detail are both critical components of success. I believe these lessons will translate well into a career in Army Aviation. Being appointed as the Head Lifeguard at my university was both rewarding and demanding. The transition from simply being a lifeguard to overseeing a staff of over 70 employees brought on many new challenges. One of the biggest obstacles I overcame was improving the work ethic of the staff. By assisting my coworkers when needed while diligently completing my own tasks, I created a much more effective work environment and established myself as a competent leader that others could both emulate and rely on. Learning from my experiences, I plan to continue refining my leadership skills and apply them as a Warrant Officer. I fully understand being a Warrant Officer and staying a technical expert in your field requires an immense amount of focus and constant adaptation. Being prepared and making the correct decisions under pressure is the essence of being an Army Aviator and I am confident that I match the requirements and aptitude required of both a Warrant Officer and aviator. I am fully prepared to take on the responsibilities of a Warrant Officer, lead by example, and serve my country. Respectfully, Charlie N.
  7. The same goes for me as well. I'm dying to find out and any help at all would be greatly appreciated.
  8. That's strange to me. How does he know if you were selected if there has been no official release?
  9. Is there anyone that has access to the list for civilians?
  10. Haha this wait is agonizing! At least I had finals and graduation to take my mind off selection for a while, but now i'm sitting in the same boat as everyone else refreshing this page well over 50 times a day knowing that the results won't be posted for at least a few days. Weren't the March Board results posted the same Thursday as the board for civilians?
  11. May be the wrong thread for this but did anyone else on the May Board not have to turn in their handwritten narrative? I was looking at my application and the typed narrative was listed in the attached documents in Block 11, but not the handwritten. I was wondering if they took this out as a requirement?
  12. Is it just me or are there very few civilian packets being posted on the May Board Forum? After doing a count of everyone who stated they were civilian I have counted nine applicants. I have posted the averages of those who have made it clear they were civilians with a comparison to the 20/42 selected applicants on the March Board. Averages Age: 25 GT Score: 131 SIFT: 55 APFT: 276 Flight: 13.36 Hours (Of those with stated flight time) Education: 3.24 GPA Bachelor: 8 Associates: 2 Highschool: 1 March Applicant Averages Age: N/A GT Score: 125 SIFT: 55 AFPT: 259 Flight: 3 aviations licenses Education: 2.9 GPA Graduate Degree: 2 Bachelors: 13 Associates: 0 High School: 5 Of course I understand there will be those that choose not to post their statistics publicly. I just find it strange the lack civilian applicants posting on this board. Anyone please feel free to double check my count and math. EDIT: To add another civilian applicant to averages.
  13. I have been lurking on this forum for over two years now so this is a long time coming. Going in Monday to tie up all loose ends in my packet and submit. Civilian Applicant Age: 22 Education: 102 credit hours towards B.A in Economics 2.7 GPA (Graduate in May) AFQT/GT: 97/134 SIFT: 55 APFT: 290 Flight: 0 Flight Physical: Stamped LOR: SCANG CW4, CW2 (Retired), Civilian Boss Overall I know I definitely lack in some areas, all I can hope for is that my essay and LORs help sell me as a well rounded individual. Good luck to everyone on this board! Edit: Official Board Ready. This wait feels like an eternity.
  14. I can take a look at it if you PM me, I am also an applicant so take my criticism with a grain of salt. Would you want to take a look at mine? A little peer review never hurt anyone.
  15. Congratulations to all that got selected! And thanks Duckhawk for the post of the average stats for those selected. Makes me feel a little bit better going into the May Board.
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