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  1. Thanks for the replies. I've been busy the past couple of weeks and haven't been able to keep up with this forum. I have looked into the call to active duty program. My next question being--- Is my state (Division, TAG ect...) obligated to release me if accepted into the CAD program? Or can they jerk me around like everyone else I have seen who has applied for interstate transfers ? (even though I know ISTs are whole different animal in terms of admin processing) And to Mr Lyman who is jumping to conclusions about my first post..... I absolutely do not need anyone to "teach me leadership or manage a unit"; I know, handle and take care of my platoon, better than those guys have been taken care in their entire careers. My strife comes from the lack of communication and mission critical information being passed down the chain to my desk, and the problem is above my company's level. Plus begging the readiness NCO to get properly paid every month is getting old also...
  2. Hello All, As my first post on this website, I have a somewhat tricky question that I have been unable to find a relatively clear answer to; and figured I would entertain you all with my question here, before I started raising eyebrows at my unit. Can a National Guard 1LT aviator switch to regular army aviation, and how does that process work? I am a recent IERW graduate (April 2016) and since returning to my home state, I have been deeply dissatisfied with my CAB. To be clear, I am not having any personal issues, but from a professional standpoint, this organization is rotting from the inside out, due to a piss poor officer corps. Our prior ARMS inspections will vouch for that. Since returning from flight school in the spring, I have seen absolutely no mentoring for junior WO/CO, no OPD/ counselings/guidance. A dog eat dog attitude, office politics and nepotism are out of control in this particular organization. There is also a vast schism between the AGR full timers who drill mday and part timers like myself. All the full time AGR/ techs, seem to collaborate and horde information/ knowledge for their own benefit, for nothing more than to have a leg up on the strictly M-day guys for the next promo board. This organization is nothing but a tax payer funded flying club, with very little emphasis given to the CTL. I have learned very little about leadership/ planning and how to effectively manage a unit. So basically does anyone have any knowledge on how possible it is to transfer to active duty?
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