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  1. PRK LASEK and LASIK are the only authorized procedures, from https://www.tamc.amedd.army.mil/offices/ophthalmology/docs/Army%20Aviation%20Refractive%20Surgery%20Policy.pdf
  2. You can find many places off post that are about a 10-15 minute drive without much traffic.. The gate traffic however does get pretty bad. I lived on post and didn't regret it at all. When you get done with pt at 0700 and need to be back at 0830 or if you only have 45 mins to an hour for lunch, it's nice to be able to drive home in 5 minutes. Honestly I've never heard anyone off post complain about the drive so with all this nonsense said, it doesn't really matter. Live off post, drive a little longer, possibly pocket a couple bucks from bah, live on post, get home 10 minutes quicker and have to go through the gate every time you go anywhere. Find someone to live with (if you don't mind having a roommate) and save several hundred dollars.
  3. Gideon pretty much nailed it but I'll add onto question 3 and 5. 3. Having prior experience in flying/aviation has little to no effect on your graded performance in flight school. No matter your experience they still start from ground zero with you, and I've seen on more than a couple of check rides, pilots who had private and/or commercial pilots license, get a lower score than their no experience counterparts. It's nothing to worry about. And as far as selecting what you want, being the top of the class gives you the ALL the options of that class, however not every selection gets a chinook or C12s so you kinda have to prepare for that. But if you're dead set on 1 airframe, be #1 in the class, it's possible. 5. Throughout training if your instructor feels you're falling behind, you may be granted additional hours for you to keep up. It's not as common as it sounds and honestly it doesn't necessarily mean you're actually behind. Learning to hover is literally just a feeling, when you "get it," it's like your hands already know what to do. And to learn that feeling takes different times for different people. I have seen 1 person be denied additional hours (you're allowed 15 additional hours, 5 hours at a time), and that was based solely on their prior academic and flight line performance. The point I'm trying to make is, it's rare, pay attention in academics and listen to your instructor, you're going to be fine. And lastly, as far as the difficulty of flight school, it's all dependent on you. Flight school is entirely what you make it, some kinda "slide by," they study a lot but party and/or have a family to tend to (nothing wrong with that). Or if you don't have those things it's up to you, you can spend every other waking moment studying for the next test or check ride. But it's all about balance, balancing your personal life with flight school, it's up to you. And my last bit of advice is for everyone about to start WOCS, lol, don't worry about WOCS, it's easy, almost seemed enjoyable in retrospect. And such a small part of the process... Good luck
  4. Or contact the Fort Campbell Warrant Officer Recruiter... CW4 Jaira Sanchez: jaira.h.sanchez.mil@mail.mil 931-250-2159 ‚ÄčLet them know you're already involved with a recruiter but looking to meet/speak with an active duty aviation warrant officer for a letter of recommendation.. I'm sure they can at least point you in the right direction..
  5. Posting your location/state will help members determine if they can point you in the direction of a LOR..
  6. Contact 28th Expeditionary Combat Aviation Brigade, Fort Indiantown Gap, or Fort Belvoir, it's a reserve unit (I think), 28th Aviation Battalion. Send them a message on Facebook or hunt down a number. With that being said, don't expect someone to actually help you assemble the packet aside from possibly agreeing to interview you and write a letter of recommendation. The best way to approach this is to have the packet as complete as possible for him/her to review for errors and provide their recommendations. Just take on one task at a time and use this forum as a resource for when you're getting into the specifics on things. Good luck
  7. Some people enlist to join the infantry, they want to be in the fight, they don't mind be shot at because they can shoot back. Others enlist because they want to support the infantry, still part of the fight but like others said, with aviation, there's more aspects to their mission other than just attack/recon. It's just personal preference. Do you want to protect the guys on the ground and other aviation assets? Do you want to bring soldiers to their lz and be their only lifeline to get out of there? Ring routes? Pax movements? Cargo movements? It's really not complicated when you think of it, what do you want to do as an aviator?
  8. Starting the new fiscal year, they plan to schedule SERE the day after completing WOBC-A which is a Saturday, and primary classes will all start on a monday (I actually heard them say they wanted them to start the monday immediately after SERE but we'll see, I doubt it). Also, flying on saturday's is definitely happening (it's already happened for classes way behind due to weather). We were told that every DONSA during weekdays will be made up that saturday to keep on track. Everyone I went through WOCS and whatnot with will be out of here in right around 18 months. I also had about a month or 2 of waiting around on hold and I'll be done right at 18 months. So if these changes actually take place I imagine it'll be quicker. And Dunker has been removed, but that really was never an issue to get done quickly.
  9. My personal opinion, waste of time/money. I think spending the next couple of months solidifying fundamentals of flight and some flight regulations in "Army terms and definitions," would be more beneficial as opposed to how the civilian world operates. Ehhh I can't say I found the ground school portion "easy" just because of how competitive it is. I guess it's easy to get okay grades but to be getting 98s and 100s, it's pretty tough. I definitely agree that there's a constant time crunch that never ends lol With all that being said, you still have several months of training before getting to the aviation stuff so it really is up to you.
  10. I've seen people get picked up with 240s. If you have the time just focus on pushups/situps and retake the apft before you submit. If not, just send it and see what happens. Either way, continue to work that score back up incase you're a FQ-NS. It's definitely a weak link
  11. You guys ready for this one? 67 class CO: 60M - 15 47F - 2 WO: 60M - 4 47F - 8
  12. Or you could ask the question here, someone may be familiar. But ultimately you're going to need to see a flight surgeon if the regs don't have the answers to your questions.
  13. For what it's worth, I like it. It's short and sweet just like it should be. Maybe I like it because it sounds like something I'd write. Either way, I say it's fine just the way it is.
  14. You could refer to AR 40-501 and the aeromedical policy letters. Anything that's not clearly defined in those would most likely be a question for a flight surgeon.
  15. Same here. I was a brand new E-5 with no NCOER's. Got selected
  16. Yeah I don't really see the point in removing this course. I've never heard of anyone being "held up" waiting for dunker training. I understand that the Army will send you to the training should you end up flying near water but still, as an army aviator, I think it's simple training that will establish a foundation on aircraft emergencies and will stick with you throughout your career.
  17. Yeah that link should provide a signed copy of the entire flight physical when it becomes available. It also will include the waiver paperwork. Check the link
  18. A lot of my friends opted to live off post for a number of reasons- cheaper rent, getting away from the army, more things to do off-post etc.. The convenience of being a couple minutes away from class or pt outweighs those benefits at least for me. When you're on period 1 sims and need to be ready to get on the bus at 0450 every day, you'll appreciate the short drive. Or when you get a short lunch break you won't be faced with that awkward, "Should I go home? Do I have enough time?" situation. This sounds terrible. Maybe I'm a little introverted but the idea of 2 married couples in one of these houses seems crowded and overwhelming. Flight school demands a large amount of your time, less distractions is for the better. With that being said, I know you can split rent in the single housing so I don't see a reason why you couldn't do it in bowden terrace.
  19. http://www.cs.amedd.army.mil/saam.aspx bottom right hand side, "check the status of your flight physical" log in with cac, that's how I found out my waiver even got approved.
  20. May 30th? I think COs: WOs: 60- 22! 60- 5 64D- 3 64D- 3 64E- 4 64E- 3 47- 1 C12- 3 C12- 4
  21. I think I learned about this in resiliency training.. I think this is called catastrophizing. Edit-I forget that nobody on here knows how sarcastic I am. Anyway, here's my observation.. there are countless 60-70 year old IPs with 15-20,000 plus hours at rucker that are still climbing up to check main rotor, bending over to check the skids, and flying 3 hours a day 5 days a week. I'm not saying that they never have back pain but I think we're going to be alright.
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