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  1. Just saw this. Single engine configuration is just engineer speak for only one engine available and conditions allowed to operate it that way best case (oil temp high/oil press low/chipped the engine/high speed shaft failure/etc or for EP training). Never flew a dual Bell, but it would be same as a Hawk. Torque available most likely goes up, airspeed envelope gets much smaller, etc. Thats your configuration (configured for SE flight...if the aircraft has the power to maintain it...some dont).
  2. The ARs are all over on this (ie, they allude to it, etc, but are clear as mud). Buuut, DA Pam 600-3 (he should be aware of this as it applies to him too for career timeline and PME progression...): Para 1-4: "For this publication, the term "officers" encompasses warrant officers (warrant officers are appointed by commission at the grade of chief warrant officer two (CW2)), company grade officers, and field grade officers. All officers are direct representatives of the President of the United States."And the coup de grace (unless he thinks the guys that write DA Pams are full of it...). Same DA Pam 600-3, para 3-9a (Warrant Officer Definitions): Warrant officer one/chief warrant officer two. A WO1 is an officer appointed by warrant with the requisite authority pursuant to assignment level and position given by the President of the United States. CW2s and above are commissioned officers with the requisite authority pursuant to assignment level and position as given by the President of the United States. WO1’s and CW2’s primary focus is becoming proficient and working on those systems linked directly to their AOC/MOS. As they become experts on the systems they operate and maintain, their focus migrates to integrating their systems with other branch systems. If you want to blow his mind, the Army now considers CW3s (good luck with that one...I never got special consideration minus one MAC flight out of Kuwait for R&R...) and CW4s are now "Field Grades". Granted CW4s always had that deference--but regulatory is nice. AR 600-20 (Command Policy), Table 1-1 is that ref. Get back in your flight books...
  3. What Creep said. It is called SAVE pay and it is very SPECIFICALLY not for a commissioned guy / gal that either goes enlisted or warrant, but for the example Creep gave (enlisted to warrant / enlisted or warrant to commissioned). When I say specifically, it is USC/Title 37/Chapter 17 / 907 If you ever see it, put a pay inquiry in and don't spend it (because DFAS will eventually figure it out).
  4. Yes to all. It was dual vortex ring / settling with power. Probably had that collective pulled to his arm pit, but there was no stopping it (prevention on final is key). Run out of power, run out of altitude, run out of skill, and find yourself on youtube. Edit--maybe it could have stopped with good ole Vuichard's technique...but no matter, prevention...
  5. Aerodynamics can be a real *&%#. Glad they made it--doubt that pilot's career at whatever company that is will though.
  6. Know one in it right now. Also served with another that went through (didn't make it).
  7. <<<<<------ For the vast majority--this. Edit: ONLY if the timeframe works. It won't last forever and the requisite experience to be competitive must still be built.
  8. On the AD special schools, assigned to Bragg (82d), relatively easy to get a jump school slot if you put in for it. (A lot don't ). Same thing (actually easier as the school is right there) for Campbell (101st) and air assault. Campbell also has more availability of Pathfinder (has one of the two Pathfinder schools) than other Divisions. Air Assault is generally easier to get across the Army than the others because of MTTs (Mobile Training Teams that come from the school houses to the post/division). Special note: Pathfinder (I did Benning's) was easily the hardest/just don't fail academic school I've ever done. The amount of crap I had to cram into my nogg'n vs the IE course was stupid. They protect that badge hard. SOAR and the guys/gals at the Benning Aviation Trans Company have more slots or chances than everyone else (Trans because they are local/can easily show up as a standby, SOAR because, well, it is SOAR). We have a SOAR aviator or two on here--he can correct me if that has changed for his org. Ranger School--there are tokens every blue moon enroute to next station post Rucker, but they are the rare nugget (+/-s need to be considered concerning injury/medical). I have not personally seen a warrant attempt Ranger-2/1LTs are the focus. No doubt some warrants have done it (as a warrant), but you'll be rarified.
  9. TS/TS SCI is only required based on job (position) requirement. No grade/rank requirement, etc. I went through an entire career (recently) where it was not required at all (W01-CW3/2LT-MAJ). You may or may not have the opportunity to upgrade your clearance (I avoided it even though one or two positions could have finagled it with a distant requirement). So in ending, no, not required and pretty stringent requirements for the upgrade anyway.
  10. Winner, winner, chicken dinner. Correct on both.
  11. You've got me confused on this...adjusted BAH? You somehow receiving dual BAH (for family not PCSing to Rucker) or something? DOD BAH rate query for 36362 (Rucker) is $1149 w/dependent and $957 w/o dependent for W-1 is the reason I ask.
  12. Reading the above, it does look like it is saying promote to CW2 as long as they have the 2 years active service (commissioned counts) AND 18 months as a WO1. In actuality, the 18 months of WO1 does not apply and HRC will use the 2 years of AD commissioned to make your WO1 / CW2 ranks the same DOR (date of rank). HRC Promotions Branch is familiar with this (they are the ones that had me do the "Date of Rank Determination Request" memo that quoted the above Reg/paragraph and send it in--I pinned on WO1 and was promptly sent to Korea / The Land of the Not Quite Right and hence more arse pain than others as mine was drawn out for several months). Anyway, hope that assists a little (the precedent is WO1/CW2 same DOR-I'm a product of it...). Have a good 4th. Edit: rabbit holes, rabbit holes everywhere I don't like interpretation, but I let a period get me. See the next para (3-4), specifically Table 3-3 for weird prior service at higher rank vs wocka, wocka normal promo to CW2. Steps 1-3 are you, 4 and 5 are normal. Step 2 only requires the higher service to equate more than 18 months/equitable. And I'm done.
  13. That is correct, the full paragraph makes more sense/has more connotation. But they are explicitly saying two years of AD commissioned service equates to DOR for CW2. Full paragraph below (Bold Italics is mine). AR 600-8-29 3–3. Rules for computing promotion eligibility date to CW2 a. The earlier of the following dates will be the PED to CW2: (1) The second anniversary of warrant officer service provided the officer has served a minimum of 18 months on the ADL as a WO1. Adjust the PED to ensure the officer meets the 18 months active duty requirement if necessary. (2) The second anniversary of total active duty service in the current or any higher grade provided that the officer has served a minimum of 18 months of active duty service as a WO1. Adjust the PED to ensure the officer meets the 18 month active duty requirement if necessary. Active duty service as a commissioned officer before appointment as a warrant officer will also count as active duty service. See chapter 2 for determining ADOR. Note: If a warrant officer is eligible for promotion on 29 Feb and the month has only 28 days, he or she is eligible on 28 Feb. b. A warrant officer who completes 2 years of warrant officer service before entry on active duty is eligible for promotion on the day of entry. Service must have been in an active reserve status as defined in AR 135–155, paragraph 2–1. c. Prior AFCS is creditable toward promotion of warrant officers only under a(2), above.
  14. I love how the regs don't change. I just looked up my HRC memo for my date of rank determination to CW2 from 2004 and the reference is still good. If you want the actual regulatory guidance (to throw in someone's bureaucratic face when hitting a wall) that all this is based on for active duty commissioned for two years to CW2, see paragraph 3-3a(2), AR 600-8-29. Just looked it up on armypubs.army.mil and it still applies. Particularly the third sentence of "Active duty service as a commissioned officer before appointment as a warrant officer will also count as active duty service.". If already covered, apologies--didn't see it though. Good luck--swimming the bureaucratic channels is its own specialty. :/
  15. The rotational unit to the Korea/Europe. Sooo glad I escaped that one. #wrapsselfinDD214blanketandshakeshead
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