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  1. I think it's for the aforementioned reason of lack of aircraft to actually train all these flight students. I joined the guard and our state is hurting for pilots so bad that they are advertising on Facebook for it. Selection rate is closing in on 100% for my right now, and I'm the only street to seat guy that the state has had in many years apparently. Even during my state aviation board interview, the board members told me they didn't even know what to ask me because they've never interviewed a civilian before.
  2. All I've gotten up so far is my AKO account. I have RSP this weekend. I'll ask them how to set all of this up. I'm very tech-unsavvy.
  3. I'm in the same boat as you. I have my CAC now and I'll try to set up a .mil email, but beyond that, I only have the dates on my reservation form.
  4. No, there's every airframe here except 64's. SoCal flies AASLT, while norcal units fly GSAB and MEDEVAC.
  5. I'll be flying UH60M's for CA NG. There's Chinooks and Lakotas up north, but they are way too far from where I live to make it work.
  6. Absolutely. I was going AD then switched over to the guard. Do we have the same basic dates too?
  7. Hey everyone, finally got my contract! I'm scheduled to be going to basic on 19 AUG at Jackson and WOCS on 30 OCT. Not sure on the class number, I just have the dates. Anyone going to be joining me?
  8. Thank you very much! I'm very excited for the road ahead. I'll also be flying UH60M's for the guard. Good luck to you also in the future!
  9. Congrats! I finished my state aviation board in August and fedrec in October. Awaiting a ship date now!
  10. Hello everyone, I started this journey a little over two years ago. Had eye surgery in March of 2017, and I'm finally set! I was originally planning to go AD, but due to finding out my state does street to seat in the guard, I opted to go that route. I passed my state aviation board back in August and my FEDREC board in October. I *finally*, yes, that long, got my waiver approved by MEPS for my PRK. My flight physical didn't even need a waiver, it just stated that I had PRK. My waiver was all that was between me and a control number from NGB on when I could ship to BCT. I'd like to thank every
  11. I actually walked into the guard unit that I'm trying to join a while ago to meet some senior warrants. One was willing to work with me and help me with an LOR with my AD packet. Fast forward a year and a half, I have my state aviation board coming up next week for the Guard. My WOSM was very helpful and was able to help me meet anyone I needed for my guard packet, but he told me I was very lucky because that senior warrant had already introduced me to everyone I needed to meet and had mentored me in the whole process. Good luck!
  12. I did PRK last year also to pass a class 1 flight physical. I was at a -3 in one eye and a -.5 in the other. I called Rucker and was sent the CRS worksheet. Got it filled out, and finally passed part 2 of my flight physical this last Friday. All they wanted was the CRS worksheet during my flight physical. I offered my whole file on my eyes, but they just asked for the worksheet. MEPS, on the other hand, wants its own paperwork and ALL of your paperwork for your surgery and all around a huge pain (in my experience). Good luck!
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