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  1. Since when did Robinson start puting a engine over-speed light in? Sure it wasn't the low rotor warning?
  2. I agree with you Goldy, I am not here to bash anybody I was just wondering what happened. I just brought up the ferry permit because he said it was over due for maintenance.
  3. I agree with Boatfixerguy I was just asking if the flight actually happened did the pilot get a ferry permit that's all.
  4. If you cannot do the inspection or repair at your base you may ask for a special flight permit to take the aircraft to a base that can do the work or inspection. Allot of private owners get into trouble with these because they keep the aircraft at their homes and have to fly them to a base that does inspections and repairs. So as PIC you need to determine if the aircraft is airworthy or un-airworthy and then decide if you need to call the FSDO to get a special flight permit.
  5. Just wondering if the helicopter was over the 500 hour mark and it was going to AZ for maintenance did the PIC call the FSDO and get a speacial flight permit to cover himself.
  6. Vertical mag is saying that the flight was a SOLO flight under the supervision of a CFI on the ground. If that is true I would have to wonder why you would let a student pilot on a solo take off from a position like that.
  7. They most of changed from last year when I started the maximum was 60k. Lowering the loan amount does hurt when going to the rotor-wing side specially with fuel and what ever else you can think of rising in price. I also went through Wells fargo with my loan I new I wouldn't get anymore from Sallie Mae since they financed me for my A&P license.
  8. I talked to them on the phone and they said it would not be a fire sale they were trying to get as close as they could to market value. But I am sure they will not set on them for to long so keep a watch for a steady reduction in price as the weeks go by.
  9. Go to Sky Helicopters website and they have some of the helicopters that have been trucked to there location for sale they give the hours and the asking price. Don't know who is selling the turbine aircraft.
  10. What info due you know it seems on the other forum they are saying ssh has closed there doors as of 5 oclock today has anybody heard any news.
  11. Just my thoughts on the accident. It reminds me of the factory course video where the pilot hit hard on the aft section of the land gear and sheared off the tail boom by the blades. But in these case the helicopter some how got into a roll and snapped some of the hard ware on the landing gear pulling it off from one side. In all the hard landing I have seen the landing gear was flattened from front to back but looking at the pic the front section of the landing gear seems to be in its uniformed shape not bent. The aft section doesn't appear to be all that bad either. Remember these are just my thoughts on it.
  12. My heart goes out to them. What I have read about the pilot and those that have past on they are great people plus pilots doing the job they love. One thing about pilots is that they love familys telling each other they love each other at the end of each flight not at the beginning I am sure she tried everthing for that to happen.
  13. I sent the paper work in about three months ago and was given an early 2008 time. After sending it in and signing up for an early time if possible I called because the last weekend in July is my grandparents 60th and I wanted to fly a bird home. With the flight school I am with they want the safety course for insurance reason like most others and it was probably a couple weeks later I received the information that they got me in on the last week of July right before the last weekend. So it is always possible to get bumped up so don’t make permanent plans until u know for sure remember this is aviation things change just like the weather nothing is ever set in stone. Good luck getting bumped up.
  14. Hi fellow heli pilots i will be attending the safety course July 23 through the 26 just wondering if any of you will be attending at the same time. If so we can get together for a cold one on one of evenings.
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