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  1. Has anyone ever had a problem reading GPS, Digital gauges ect... while wearing polarized sunglasses during flight? I was reading on the FAA web page that it is not recommended to wear polarized sunglasses. I have never had a problem with them in flight, only at the gas pump when refueling my car.... but I have only flown a handful of different aircraft. I then started to wonder if there are aircraft/instruments that prohibit use of polarized sunglasses, and if it would be mentioned in the POH. http://www.faa.gov/pilots/safety/pilotsafe.../sunglasses.pdf
  2. What classifies an external load as either A, B, or C... what classes are there, or where can I find this information?
  3. SO what are some of the ways you can do a power check in flight.
  4. yeah.. I meant to say it dose include hughes.. and schweizer... not sure how the NOT was put in front of the two. oops
  5. Did I say you can't... dang I need to go back and look at what I wrote. You can... just sayin' of 900 helicopters, there were over 1500 accidents... come on now. That is a little irrational. Lets get to the facts. That is what I have been trying to get to this whole time... a site that shows either.. total hours flown of H269/300 and ratio to accidents... as well as the R-22 Ratio of Flight hours per year and # of accidents.... And to get to the bottom of how many were built. I thikn we know how many R-22's were built... but what about the H269/300. NON military????? ...... what about
  6. Ohhh.. and every time I say Schweizer, I mean H269A/300/300CB/300CBI.. hughes ... and "schweizer"... so lets just say H269 like we do when we make a flight plan... you know what I mean.
  7. NO complaint to the SEC is nedded, I belive it is a true statment... is says... AND MORE THAN 900 HELICOPTERS
  8. I am going by this site... http://www.griffin-helicopters.co.uk/accidentstats.asp Not sure if it is 100% factual, but IT DOSE LINK EACH ACCIDENT TO AN NTSB report so I think it is credible... and it states H269.... not hughes.. not schweizer... "I" just refered to it as a 300... Do I need to edit it and say the H269? .. I am going to say it is 269/300's
  9. Ha.. you did make me laugh saying that of the 43oo R-22's onlt 3 are airworthy... The other thing that made me laugh was you said only 900 Schweizers were built... how can this be when 1,535 accidents were reported in them... ?????? I will believe 2900 total built.. but not 900, sorry... Not trying to make anyone look bad here, I want to know if there is a record of how many were built, and still airworthy of both ships. AS WELL as total number of hours flown per year... vs. total accidents.
  10. OK that accident statistic site says it is a H269... and looks like they have 300 (H269) statistics starting in 1964. (R-22 in 1980?) I am guessing these are civilian statistics seeing that the UH1 has a total of only 134 accidents 1963-2008??? The site gives the NTSB links....I will look in to the earlier years... I guess this leads me to rephrase my original question to civilly register.
  11. Any of you know where I could find the statistics of Airworthy, Registered aircraft... How about how many were built total, and how many are still flying today? I am interested in primarily the R-22 vs. 300 statistics. I saw this website and it got me thinking. http://www.griffin-helicopters.co.uk/accidentstats.asp The 300 has been around longer (16 years longer in production (don’t know if that is a fact)?), more accidents total. R-22 has more accidents per year thou... Last year 66 R-22's were involved in an accident... only 18 300's. (If the website is correct) 1997 was the only yea
  12. I was wondering how many actual Pilots have an FAA Certificate for rotocraft helicopter I think I was able to find it one time on the internet. I thought it had the break down private# commerrcial# and atp#'s, anyone know a link or where I could find that info, I will keep looking as well.
  13. If a rule says you need 50 minimum in a helicopter and then, after reading all the regs, the minimum is actually 55 hours no matter what you do. How can you say we are reading into it to much or its not that hard, or we are making it complicated? The GOV made is making it complicated? I think Jehh is right to after hearing the reasoning for everything.
  14. Long reply but oh well lots of questions still Do you guys wany me to scan in my log book and we can use me as an example? SO I guess no one has clearly answered my questoin, where does it say it needs to be POST private, i am talking about the 20 dual and the 10 solo??... (this shouldnt matter but I think I only need the 5 hours night solo cuz I did a 2 hour day vfr 50nm straight line suring private and well over 20 dual anyway) And I know I need the Dual in the certain areas of operation, but were does that say it needs to be 20 hours POST Private ? That puts me well over the needed
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