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  1. Late post, Got selected as well! Man, what a sweaty two months waiting though. Had a moral waiver hanging over my head until the Friday before the board. They really mean it when they say it can be approved the day before the board. Congratulations to the others selected. Sorry to those that didn't. Keep trying. The shortage is real. Be safe everyone!
  2. Hey all, Just curious.. How are people being notified when the board is going from 15-19 May? In reference to Blue2green, are sister branches boarded with the civilians? I am confused.
  3. How does this really translate to selection rates though? A review of the past Milpers indicate an average of 45 pilots picked up per board, regardless of the number of applicants. That being said, it will be interesting how many are picked up on the March board. What do you think? v/r Alex
  4. This is what I am being told among who I have spoken to. I wouldn't delay any. You can always update stuff later. I have 90 days before the board meets and I am already impatient
  5. Mike, Wish I would have known that prior . It kind of came down to picking and choosing who would write one, wherein by former BC and team chief approached me to write one. Talked with a couple recruiters who said, the more the merrier. I read/ heard somewhere that three supplemental LORs is kind of the cap for what the max is for the packet. I think we were also trying to compensate for the moral waiver, just to put the best foot forward. Does anyone have any experience with those? Also, some warrants I have spoken to, are under the impression that the packet might be boarded in march rather than May because of the shortage of pilots, despite missing that application deadline. I scoff at the idea of the moral waiver being pushed through the pipe and someone making this happen, but it affects my family. Anyone have that happen to them? My wife is finishing up school right around the time the May board is supposed to meet. Any thoughts? Thanks in advance. -Alex
  6. Hello everyone, I have been putting this off for some time but here goes: Age: 25 Degree: B.S. Criminal Justice - 3.55 GPA GT: 125 SIFT: 66 AFPT: 294 Flight Physical: Go/ No-waivers Flight Time: None Military: 5 years - E6 LORs: CW5 - Aviator/ Brigade Safety Officer LTC - Current BN CDR LTC - Former BN CDR CW3 - Aviator/ Mentor - Maintenance test pilot UH 60 CW3 - Company/ Detachment Commander CW2 - Team Chief (Really personal letter, and happens to be a warrant - why not.) Selected as Battalion, Brigade, and Major Command Level 2016 NCO of the Year/ Best Warrior. Moral waiver: Stole something when I was 16. Hope this gets approved. Good luck everyone!
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