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  1. Henry One was one of my first up close experiences with a helicopter as well! I was on the Camp Meeker Volunteer Fire Department and got to do training with them to scout out an LZ and go over how to move around a running helicopter. One of the best memories in my late teens. Spurred my fascination which lead me into the Marines to work on them, get out to get my ratings, and now I'm working on my WOFT package.
  2. Hello all, I was hoping to get some help on a LOR that I have my current employer writing for me. It is a very good recommendation letter and it makes me feel good about the time that I've invested in my job however, it is not worded in a way that I feel a LOR for my WOFT packet should be. So my question is, how would it be appropriate to put in that he was prior service (O-3 Army Logistics) and how could he gear it more towards being a recommendation to the WOFT rather than just to another job? Thanks!
  3. I hear there are guys in an office near you in these fancy uniforms that have a dotted line for you.
  4. Age: 28 Degree: Yavapai College Associates in applied science/ Aviation Technology complete. GT: 121 SIFT: Not taken AFPT: Not taken (looking at about a 250) Flight Physical: Not taken (No health issues, 20/20 vision, ears are good) Flight Time: CFI/CFI-I: 206 hrs R44 Military: 5 years USMC LORs: (Still waiting on receiving all of these back… Waiting on people is almost as bad as waiting to be selected) Capt – CH-46 Naval pilot – Current employer COO Capt – Army grunt officer – Current employer Plant manager Capt – Marine communications officer – Flight instructor from private through my comme
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