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  1. I apologize in advance if some of these questions are dumb... 1. Do warrant officers have to do PT everyday once assigned a unit? 2. On average, how long does it take from graduating WOCS to graduating flight school? 3. When you graduate WOCS do they give you some time off to look for a house? 4. Is there sh*t to do near enterprise on weekends? Do people go to the beach a lot? 5. If you absolutely hate your assigned duty station upon graduation, is there any process by which you can request a different one? 6. How is WO pilot life in general? Thanks!!!
  2. I got my basic date in March. I am not supposed to ship out until November 13th or 19th...cant remember the exact date. WOCS class begins 02/22/19. I believe someone else on the March board received the same BCT and WOCS dates. No idea why its a 6 month wait, but hopefully you will have better luck.
  3. Do any of you know if it is possible to get a guaranteed aviation contract through OCS, prior to attending? I was accepted to WOFT, but since my basic date isn't for so long I have started to explore the idea of OCS. My recruiter doesn't seem to think so, but he has been wrong on a lot of questions I have asked him in the past. I have a 4 year degree and meet all of the requirements to be an officer, so I am starting to think OCS would be a better fit for me. That being said, I am about to finish my PPL so it would be foolish of me to go to OCS without a guaranteed flight school slot. I am
  4. Do you have to be an AD Warrant Officer pilot first? Or can you go to WOFT under a National Guard contract?
  5. Could you provide an example of some additional duties for warrant officer pilots?
  6. I wouldn't enlist unless you are comfortable not flying for a few years and just lengthening your app process. It's your recruiter's job to get you in the Army, not necessarily to a cockpit. And even if you do get selected as a civilian, don't expect to start anytime soon. My recruiter told me I could start BCT right after I graduate college this May....Im not starting until this November (6 months later than anticipated) Also dude, you are 28....not too old but if you enlist as a 15t and then do WOFT you will be starting the application in your 30s. The app itself is also quite extensive.
  7. You can be in honor guard during flight school? I thought all you did during flight school was fly. At least this is what my recruiter said. He also said that warrant officer pilots didn't do much else other than fly their assign aircraft. Not mitigating the importance of honor guard BUT do they really spend millions of $$ to train pilots and tell them to go to funerals?
  8. Well looks like I wont be starting basic until Nov 13th, WOCS Feb 22. Anyone else have those dates?
  9. Age: 22 GT: 135 SIFT: 56 APFT: 268 Military: N/A Flight hours: 22 (fixed wing) Physical: good with no waivers LORs: former employer; former CW4; Congressman from my district Selected on the March board
  10. Got selected for this WOFT board (so excited) and hopefully finding out bct/wocs dates soon. Anyways, I have a few questions for those of you who have been through all of this. Sorry if they've all been asked already - kind of hard to keep track. Would appreciate any input! Thanks! 1. Life as a WO? I understand that WOs are lesser in rank than all commissioned officers, but how does this operate in an aviation unit. By that I mean how does a more experienced WO pilot work with a less experienced, but higher ranking, commissioned officer. And generally speaking, are WOs friends with commiss
  11. My recruiter told me yesterday that I could expect to hear on the 23rd or 26th...guess we'll just have to wait and see.
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