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  1. I am currently a DEP 09S, shipping out in Feb. and beginning OCS in May of 18. Obviously my contract is already signed and I am certainly not guaranteed branching Aviation. However, I am doing everything I can on my end to put the odds in my favor. I have a 3.98 GPA from college, 93 on my ASVAB, 64 on my SIFT, 275 APFT which will be 300 by ship out, and a Rucker approved Flight Physical. My understanding is that during my 3rd week of OCS I will need to fill out a 4187, have two Aviation specific LORs, SIFT scores, Flight phys, and a letter of intent for Aviation since Aviation is seperate from the OML in OCS. My question is in regards to the Aviation LORs. I live in Cincinnati and was wondering if anyone on here is a CO pilot in my area that I could sit down with maybe over coffee in order to obtain a LOR. Feel free to email me at patrick.dewhurst@gbs.edu.
  2. Hey, I'm a CIV applicant as well waiting to hear from the March USAREC board (20-24th). I also have flat feet and I checked the box at MEPS to disclose it but no one seemed to care at all. It used to be a big deal until the military did a study on it and found that there were actually less injuries among people with flat feet as opposed to those with normal to high arches. Concerning your medical disclosures: keep in mind that as a WOFT applicant you will undergo a secret security clearance. This means that in the off chance that they miss your scar at MEPS, they won't miss it when they run your name and check your medical records for themselves. Which, btw, you have to sign a paper that authorizes them to do so. Honesty is the best policy. They want to know if you are the kind of person that essentially "mans up," rather than seeing what you can get by with. Other than that, good luck! Hope to see you in flight school.
  3. Not sure why the shortage will mean for us applicants, but I know that my submission for the battalion board was over a week late and they still called and asked me to come sit for the interview. After that, my flight physical wasn't complete till Feb. 26th even though the USAREC board packet submission deadline was the 23rd. Still, they held the door open for me. Seems like they are allowing a lot of things to slide for qualified applicants due to the shortage. Age 21 I graduate in May with a bachelors degree, 3.99 GPA. ASVAB 93 GT 126 SIFT 64 PT 254, will be a lot higher by the time I ship out Flight Physical Passed Battalion Board Passed
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