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  1. Selection from 27 July...this is just for RA and roughly correct numbers....no, the 47 number is not a typo! Apaches - 3 Blackhawks - 4 Chinooks -9 C12s - 2
  2. Conditional release is the easiest way and what I did. I wouldn't want to deal with the break in service for street to seat.
  3. I would call whoever did your part two and explain the situation to them. They should tell you what you need to get done next as far as testing goes. But it sounds like you may have already had the specific tests done? Either way, once you have that documentation you go back to your flight surgeon, they submit a waiver to Rucker, and at that point I would wait a week then follow up with Rucker. For example, I was disqualified, called my surgeon at Ft. Knox, they told me what tests I needed done (CT scan, MRI, a few evaluations), once I finished those I brought the findings back to Knox, saw my surgeon, they submitted their part to Rucker and I received a stamped with waiver physical shortly after that. My whole physical process took between 6-8 months to complete. I would recommend calling anyone and everyone you can until you know what you need to do next.
  4. The longer I spend time at Bravo Company the more interested I become in the fixed wing mission. Of course nobody here has any real insight into what the course and your life afterwards is like. Are there any fixed wing folks on here that can shed some light on what your day to day duty is like and how it differs from the RW folks? How would you compare your quality of life to those in traditional RW units? Finally what does your career progression look like and what if any special assignments are available to you?
  5. Here is what I found on the Army's aeromedical policy letter: "Initial Flight Applicants: Detached retina and other retinal conditions are disqualifying with Exception to Policy rarely granted on a case-by-case basis after review of the information below. Rated and Non-Rated Aircrew to Include Class 2/3/4 Applicants: Waiver may be considered if the applicant has normal vision without complications.....Complete Ophthalmologic evaluation is required in all cases, but particularly for retinoschisis, retinal tears, or central serous retinopathy." Not sure if what you are talking about would fall under "other conditions". The wording may sound scary but I wouldn't stress it too much, looks like generic wording for anything eye related. Your recruiter is sorta correct, you do have to get another/same waiver but it's not their "waiver guy" that does it haha...you will take your required test results back to your flight surgeon for review. My initial flight physical was disqualified, then I had to get a waiver and resubmit. After your part II/waiver is submitted the process should go pretty fast. I think both my initial phase II and subsequent waiver both took less than a week to get stamped by Rucker (time to get processed by my flight surgeon is a different story!). Good luck man!
  6. I was in the same boat as you and found out the hard way that after paying for the civilian flight physical, it does not fly for this application. Nobody in my chain of command or the recruiting station wanted to help me so I ended up calling the nearest AD post which was FT. Knox and after a quick 5 minute phone conversation I had a flight physical scheduled.
  7. To the OP, I almost forgot your...hidden menu option. I know a few people that do this and I strongly considered it for a while, but you can also live in a trailer/5th wheel/RV! If I was single, I would do that for sure. I believe my buddy that is doing that now pays about $400/month for all living expenses minus food and he hasn't had a problem in the 6+ months he has been here. A fellow on YouTube, Rex or Tex something also did that through flight school.
  8. Are you on honors? For us its things like being able to go out to nice restaurants and have great food and drinks, live entertainment, childrens museums and art museums, nice shopping, and general stuff to do that does not involve a 1+ hour drive.
  9. Yeah, no boogeyman about life on Rucker. Just be prepared for a huge adjustment to life and make the most out of it. One thing Rucker does have is a child care center which only costs $5/hour and they have a ton of stuff to do throughout the year.
  10. My buddies in Enterprise regret buying in Enterprise, I live probably twice the distance from base as they do yet only drive for 5-10 more minutes haha.
  11. The quality is very subjective. All of the families we know in flight school live on post and like it for the most part. Even the "bad" housing on post isn't anything to complain about. My family is coming from living in a major metropolitan city so the downgrade, if you will, to the on post housing and schools was a deal breaker for us. Living on post is a low risk decision and like you said it isn't for a very long time, at worst your family will be bored, but they can see you slightly more often and be more connected to the military life if that is your thing. For me I was willing to put up with some financial risk and some drive time in exchange for better schools, better housing/amenities, and a happier wife (haha). But if I did not close on the house we live in now, we would have lived on base.
  12. I have yet to start flight school and have been working at Flat Iron for a few weeks. I notice that I have an extremely difficult time understanding what the crews put out over the radio. I can hear it but don't understand the actual words! When I know the context of the communication, such as a run-up radio check, then I know what they are doing and how I need to respond but I don't actually understand what they are saying. So when crews are out and they do a comms check with their location, I'm clueless as to where they are! Is this common? Are there any suggestions on how to get better and comprehending radio chatter?
  13. I currently live in Dothan and "love it" 90% of the time, the other 10% that I hate it is due to idiotic Bco shenanigans. On post: I believe that if you are single with no kids then living on post is your best bet. Enterprise: I would only live in Enterprise if I was able to find a decent apartment and some roommates. You may be able to beat the cost of living on post with roommates, but just barely. And don't think that living in Enterprise will be your escape from Rucker, a ton of people in Enterprise work for/are in the Army. Daleville/Ozark:...No, never. Unless hepatitis and getting robbed is something you are into. Dothan: If you have a family then I personally believe this is your best bet. If you dabble in real estate then this is also your best bet for a positive outcome. It is far enough from Rucker to be an actual escape from the military. It has the most to offer in regards to civilized things to do, like a movie theatre and a botanical garden. You will not likely save money by living in Dothan but your quality of life will be much higher. I bough a house in a very nice neighborhood and my kids are able to run out the front door and play with the other kids in the neighborhood without me having to worry about pedophiles or 8 year old crackheads. People often leave their garage doors open during they day which is indicative of how safe the area is. You will likely pay more than BAH in Dothan, I pay $1450 not including utilities. BUT houses here do not stay on the market very long and there are plenty of permanent party members that rent in the area. The commute is only 25-30 minutes, which means as Adrieke64 said, you just wake up that much earlier than on post folks (well really more like 15-25 minutes earlier). I have found only two things wrong with living in Dothan. First is when the idiocrasy of Bco is in full swing, and the fact that it is hard to make friends and hang out with other students since almost everyone lives on post or Enterprise.
  14. I have noticed a large number of Lebowski themed usernames on VR
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