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  1. I felt like my physical at Fort Knox was more thorough than the one here at Rucker. That's not to say I haven't seen people get caught up during the physical. I don't remember the exact time frame but I think they give you 90-120 days to apply for waivers and such. I was in that situation after a medical issue popped up during training and was able to get a waiver within 30 days.
  2. As another poster said, you get 10 days of "leave" then wait for a WOBC date, for me it was a 2-3 week wait. Was at Honors that whole time. Plenty of time to take care of personal things.
  3. I am in the same boat and when we had to physically go to class, things were pretty tough, but when the classes moved to online it actually made family life 100X better. To give you an idea of what your schedule could look like. When you fly AMs you get to the flight line well before your family wakes up but you are back home around lunch. If they are still doing distance learning this means you can take care of the kids the remainder of the day. If you fly PMs then you have online class in the morning and go to the flight line around lunch time. During class I would have my phone or computer logged into class, I would listen, but would be primarily doing stuff around the house and watching my kids while my wife worked. It worked out really well for us. Hopefully your wife's schedule can be flexible because the odds of you getting to have a flexible schedule as far as when you have class and when you fly are pretty slim. I don't know what the daycare situation is like on base but you can call the Child Development Center (334-255-2262) for specific questions about prices and enrollment.
  4. Are you referring to before WOCS? I believe I had 10 days from leaving home to reporting in with HHC. I agree with what everyone else has said. I was one of the cram the night before and morning of the test guys. Except for one exam it worked out well for me haha. Looking back I wish I had spent 30 minutes to an hour studying every night. I feel that would have been plenty of study time while keeping stress low. Now that I'm in advanced, the situation is different and I feel like I need to put in 1-2 hours per night.
  5. Totally agree. The Kung Flu has forced them to make changes that made everyone's life easier. Agreed, I believe they want everyone here to succeed. Sure you may fail a test or check ride but the instructors will put in the extra time to get you to pass. Only people I have know to wash out were for random medical reasons, commiting a crime, and cheating (it really is better to fail than cheat). +1 for getting a pool, especially if you have a family. I wouldn't try to look for a place to save money. Either live on post or close to it in a nice place. I'm crazy and live in Dothan, it's very nice but is lonely being the only flight student out here.
  6. WOCS: Every day WOBC: Every day Flight school including ground school: on your own. I found there was ample time to workout on your own. If I flew PMs, I would workout early in the morning, visa versa for flying AMs. Honors and other hold sentences: varies, I've been at honors when it was every other day and I hear now it is on your own. Other taskings may be every day
  7. I remember from the moment I was trying to put my packet together until I started ground school I was trying to figure out what actually goes on in flight school and how I could better prepare myself. I am about to start my advanced airframe and would be happy to answer any questions people have about the whole flight school experience. I'm hoping this will be a good chance for people that are in the same situation that I am in to get some of their curiosities answered. I know there are a few other users on here that are also in flight school that can offer their opinion on things as well. I got to Rucker in June of 2019, so the Scamdemic has certainly changed a lot of things, but I believe on a whole they should be the same as they were last year.
  8. I am about to start the 47 class and have orders to report to Korea once complete. Does anyone here have any experience flying in Korea? If so, how was the OPTEMPO? Were 1 year guys treated differently than 2 year guys? How did you enjoy the flying mission? And finally, I keep hearing this rumor but can't find it in writing, do you actually get to pick your duty station after Korea?
  9. Selection from 27 July...this is just for RA and roughly correct numbers....no, the 47 number is not a typo! Apaches - 3 Blackhawks - 4 Chinooks -9 C12s - 2
  10. Conditional release is the easiest way and what I did. I wouldn't want to deal with the break in service for street to seat.
  11. I would call whoever did your part two and explain the situation to them. They should tell you what you need to get done next as far as testing goes. But it sounds like you may have already had the specific tests done? Either way, once you have that documentation you go back to your flight surgeon, they submit a waiver to Rucker, and at that point I would wait a week then follow up with Rucker. For example, I was disqualified, called my surgeon at Ft. Knox, they told me what tests I needed done (CT scan, MRI, a few evaluations), once I finished those I brought the findings back to Knox, saw my surgeon, they submitted their part to Rucker and I received a stamped with waiver physical shortly after that. My whole physical process took between 6-8 months to complete. I would recommend calling anyone and everyone you can until you know what you need to do next.
  12. The longer I spend time at Bravo Company the more interested I become in the fixed wing mission. Of course nobody here has any real insight into what the course and your life afterwards is like. Are there any fixed wing folks on here that can shed some light on what your day to day duty is like and how it differs from the RW folks? How would you compare your quality of life to those in traditional RW units? Finally what does your career progression look like and what if any special assignments are available to you?
  13. Here is what I found on the Army's aeromedical policy letter: "Initial Flight Applicants: Detached retina and other retinal conditions are disqualifying with Exception to Policy rarely granted on a case-by-case basis after review of the information below. Rated and Non-Rated Aircrew to Include Class 2/3/4 Applicants: Waiver may be considered if the applicant has normal vision without complications.....Complete Ophthalmologic evaluation is required in all cases, but particularly for retinoschisis, retinal tears, or central serous retinopathy." Not sure if what you are talking about would fall under "other conditions". The wording may sound scary but I wouldn't stress it too much, looks like generic wording for anything eye related. Your recruiter is sorta correct, you do have to get another/same waiver but it's not their "waiver guy" that does it haha...you will take your required test results back to your flight surgeon for review. My initial flight physical was disqualified, then I had to get a waiver and resubmit. After your part II/waiver is submitted the process should go pretty fast. I think both my initial phase II and subsequent waiver both took less than a week to get stamped by Rucker (time to get processed by my flight surgeon is a different story!). Good luck man!
  14. I was in the same boat as you and found out the hard way that after paying for the civilian flight physical, it does not fly for this application. Nobody in my chain of command or the recruiting station wanted to help me so I ended up calling the nearest AD post which was FT. Knox and after a quick 5 minute phone conversation I had a flight physical scheduled.
  15. To the OP, I almost forgot your...hidden menu option. I know a few people that do this and I strongly considered it for a while, but you can also live in a trailer/5th wheel/RV! If I was single, I would do that for sure. I believe my buddy that is doing that now pays about $400/month for all living expenses minus food and he hasn't had a problem in the 6+ months he has been here. A fellow on YouTube, Rex or Tex something also did that through flight school.
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