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  1. Hi everyone, So it's been a hot minute since I posted last. I've been pretty busy with working full time at my job plus I had a family member in the hospital. But just wanted to say that I have my first letter of recommendation locked down from a great CW4. Everything else is still in the works. MC
  2. Damn, that sucks.... I have a pretty decent recruiter though so can't relate. He didn't talk to me about "enlisting" straight up, he never used that word specifically, but he did ask me if I was committed to pursuing other paths to aviation, which I'm sure includes enlisting. But I digress. Anyone else?
  3. A little update, recently I learned that I got an internship with my local congressman's office for the summer. At the end of the internship, I can get a letter of recommendation from the congressman. He's a politician now but before this he was a Naval pilot flying F-18s. I think having a LOR like that would be a huge asset to my WOFT packet. From what I understand, it's really important to have good letters of rec from military aviators and currently the lineup I have for letters from military people isn't stellar. The internship isn't over until the first week of August. I'm going to as
  4. Thanks Mike, I haven't signed or agreed to anything so I will definitely look into that.
  5. I just took the piquette (not sure how you spell it but it's the official ASVAB) and got a 92. Next week I'm doing the 20 question check test (not sure the official title for it, but it's just to make sure you get the same score). After that its MEPS and the PFT. And as of yet I don't have any letters of rec from the military folks that I asked.... So I just need to keep working on that and keep waiting. And if I don't get WOFT, I'm going to go into the reserves.
  6. Mike & Marty, thank you for some great advice. I will start studying for the SIFT as soon as I can find a study guide. My eyes are definitely on the prize, but I just see it as a marathon, not a sprint.
  7. Thank you Mike, and I know it doesn't, I just mean that I know the WOFT isn't a guaranteed deal and I'm prepared to take another path to army aviation such as ROTC or OCS or even enlistment.
  8. I just got back from meeting with my recruiter and all I have to say is wow. He really blew me away, he's seriously the best recruiter I've ever met with. I've talked to recruiters from various branches before and when I told them I wasn't necessarily interested in enlisting right out of high school, they basically told me to take a hike. But this guy was awesome. We talked for two and a half hours. His recruiting office is a bit of a commute but it's worth it to me. We also talked about different paths to aviation, including enlistment. I'm open to enlistment, I've always been open to enlistm
  9. Thanks everybody... I'm in it for the long hall, I doubt I could have a package together any sooner than July. The biggest thing with this, or any military service in my future, is going to be my medical because I went through a lot of surgeries as a kid following an automobile accident. But we'll see. I'll update how my meeting with the recruiter went. MC
  10. Hi everyone, I am a high school senior who is very interested in the Army's high school to flight school scholarship/program. A little about me, I an attending an instate university in the fall and participating in NROTC. The marine corps is my first choice of branch but I am looking for every opportunity where I can serve and lead the troops that keep our country safe, hopefully while flying rotary wing aircraft. I was not interested in the Army at first, but I have worked with a WO5 who will write me a LOR and who advised me to apply for the board. Let me be clear that I am NOT applying fo
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