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  1. WOW! Computer crash, and life crash! But I'm back now. Did anyone save this video? Either version? I completely lost it, but would really love to get it back.
  2. And to boot, in the second video the bird "lost" (in my estimation) over 400 lbs in souls and equipment off of the left skid. Yet never moved! That's talent gents, I'm impressed!
  3. Right now I'm flying right seat in a fixed wing as a Flight Engineer. I'm running 2 computers, with touch screens, as well as helping the PIC. When wearing polarized glasses, I can see the navigation computer (We're chasing underground pipelines) to my left with no problems, but the one right in front of my face, I can't see. I've tried all kinds of things for the glare, a hat, and "nose on screen" seem to help most, but like I said, I'm not at the controls. I'm still wearing my non-polarized drug store $10 glasses for what I do with the best results. Like Gomer said though, I'm seriously looking at a brown Serengetti non-polarized pair. On a side note, can't beat them when you're fishing!
  4. I use a bunch of the ones already listed, in addition to this: http://www.usairnet.com/cgi-bin/launch/code.cgi Great quick graphics, wouldn't use it strictly by itself though.
  5. Bob, thank you for the well thought out, well put reply. I honestly do believe we're on the same page. I stated earlier, that I was probably out of line, due to my "thin" log book. And, thanks to your reply, and the knowledge of others that have followed, I realized I was indeed out of line. Not so much out of line, but rather "off the mark." I think I'm comparing apples to duck billed platypuses. Let me clarify my "FEEL," poor choice of words. You can literally "sense" it, not so much feel it. Long time friend of mine once told me that you don't climb into a racecar, you put it on like a pair of pantyhose. THAT'S the "feel" I'm talking about, the one with the machine mystique. Then I read about 16 pound pelicans, door latches, NON-working relays, etc etc. And I thought to myself, "Wow. LOOKIT the dumb kid!" You are absolutely 100% correct. There are other factors out there that come into play. Especially when not in direct contact with pavement. But ya know what? I LEARNED from this thread. And that's why I check the posts here at VR almost every day. Talk about a knowledge base! SHEESH! Thanks for affirming what I DO know, and helping me along with what I DON'T!!!! ~Lucky~
  6. I'm probably gonna be way off line here, mainly because I'm not that far along in training. Haven't even done any autos yet, just so you know where I'm coming from. There exists a form of Black Magic known as "getting a feel for the machine." My drag racing, high performance engine building experience is taking over from this point. When I'm at the race track, and reach down and grab a handful of gear shift, I literally become ONE with that 10 second machine I've built. I know (with the help of the gauges) EVERYTHING that's going on with that engine. My life depends on it. Throwing oil in front of the slicks at 120+ MPH is never a good thing. So if I "feel" somethings amiss..... So I translate this into my flight training. When I fire up "my" 300CBi, I can literally hear each spark plug firing. I KNOW if she sounds "right", or if she's just cold, or if somethings WRONG. ONE with the machine. I'm gonna throw the red flag on engine failures "surprising" you. Sure, catastrophic engine failure does happen. But 90 times out of 100, she'll tell you what's about to happen. Please correct me if I'm wrong, as I'm all about LEARNING at this stage of my "career." Could this be an instructor issue instead of a mechanical issue? Maybe I'm overly-mechanical, but jeez guys even with my LOW amount of training, I can tell you if somethings wrong, or even not quite right, with the bird just by how she feels/sounds/looks/reacts.
  7. Found this site, looks legit to me. Free and 1GB of space. http://www.dropfiles.net Check it out, see what you think. If you get the file uploaded, just PM me with a link to it.
  8. The members here at VR are privy to a "sneak preview" of a video I'm building for a flight school! Not to mention the 2nd video I'm building just for VR, so stay tuned gang! I hope you enjoy! P.S. I REALLY want some footage of those guys/gals in the Bearing Sea during "Crab Season". That stuff is impressive! I'd also like some footage of the GOM gang, especially those here at VR. Hint --> GOMYER!!!! Fess up you old dawg! Landing on an "island" 200 miles in the Gulf? WOW! If YOU got it, send it, I'LL use it! Got some good Chinook stuff thanks to Chad, got the Shinedown song loaded and ready to go. If you liked the first/second one, you're gonna LOVE what's in my head for this one! I'd also like some pics of just "us." Just the gang here at VR. But I'm not gonna be happy unless Gomyer is in on it! Let's rally around him gang, and see what the ole dawg has hiding on his hard drive!
  9. HeloJunkie hooked us up! I sent him the files via FTP this morning, and low and behold he already has links set up for us. THANK YOU!!!! So for those of you that haven't seen it yet, Version 1. AKA the Apache version: WARNING: GRAPHIC violence! You've been warned! Apache Version 1 And Version 2: Politically Correct Version 2 Thanks again Richard!!!
  10. As fate would have it, I'm no longer the website admin for where the video was hosted. I literally took it down just yesterday. I did save both versions on my machine, and as soon as I find another place to host them I'll post up the updated links. Sorry about that gang!
  11. Pitch Angle is the angle of the chord line in relation to the rotor blades rotational plane. Angle of attack is the relation to the actual angle of the rotor blade to the relative wind. Plain and simple. You're on the right track.
  12. Bump, and a request. Haven't got much footage sent to me for the next video. Shinedown's "Fly From the Inside" is the song. Chad sent me some Chinook stuff, so that'll be in there. I'm ready to go, just need the material. PM a link to me, or just email the pics/vids, I have a HUGE inbox.
  13. You guys better be taking a boatload of pics while you're there! Post them up for us "non-goers." LOL Have a great time gang, wish I was there.
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