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  1. They will move your family after Basic. Just make sure that it is on your final orders cut before graduation, because they sometimes dont get that right.
  2. Anyone who has lived in Allen Heights, are they pretty nice? Wondering if it would be worth the extra wait to get Bowden instead. Thanks!
  3. How long was the wait for you? This is the neighborhood we are interested in as well, but I'm not sure how long we should expect for an opening.
  4. I have a question about PCS-Ing family while in WOCS. If you're on hold before WOCS begins for a couple of months, would they authorize the move during the hold or not until the 10 days prior to WOCS beginning?
  5. I saw posts previously about PCS orders during WOCS and had another question that hopefully someone here can help with. If you're on hold before WOCS begins for a couple of months, would they authorize the move during the hold or not until the 10 days prior to WOCS beginning?
  6. How did you get it changed? Did they do it automatically or did you request?
  7. Does anyone have orders to FLW for PSBCT?
  8. Danner is having a 25% off sale that ends today, just in case any of you are wanting to purchase boots and break them in before WOCS.
  9. My husband went to MEPS on Friday and they said the next WOCS class is starting in November. Maybe they're adding a new one to accommodate the needs of the Army? Or they have false info, also likely.
  10. We got the call yesterday from the head recruiter at our location.
  11. Thank you! If they include sister service with civilians, yesterday would've been a time for them to do them too so don't worry yet!! You could receive the call today. Not sure of your last name, but ours starts with A so if they go alphabetically, that could be a factor too? Good luck!!
  12. My husband is Navy and I received the call today (he is underway) so it looks like they do them with the civilian applicants.
  13. Hey, I'm actually confused too. I thought the first 2 days were civilians, but they must include sister services in there as well? The call was very unexpected and I was nervous that it was going to be bad news since it was so early! So I'm not much help, sorry!
  14. My husband is underway but I just got the call and he was selected! Thank you, Jesus! Hope you all hear good news as well!
  15. When do the results typically come out for AD applicants?
  16. Just seeing this!! He went to battalion board and the civilian in charge there didn't say anything, so hopefully it'll be okay. Everything is submitted and board ready! I can't even stand the waiting!! My husband gets back the 17th, just in time to wait a couple days yet for the verdict. Any idea when they typically find out? I thought I read within 72 hours after?
  17. He was underway with the navy so no service! Haha I probably should've put that. He is back now, and recruiter is now saying no MEPS needed so we are back on track to submit Monday!! Thanks for your help
  18. Me again! So my husband is back on track and got his physical back, but I just found out from the recruiter yesterday that he will have to go to MEPS and have a security interview before he can apply for the battalion board. The due date is April 20, my husband gets back April 14. Is MEPs a pretty quick and easy thing to schedule with army? How about the security interview? Also for anyone who has been through the battalion board, is it a pretty straight forward process? Thank you!!
  19. We just got my husbands physical back!! So hopefully yours will come quickly too. He is Navy as well, so when you both make it you can talk about how much better the Army is.
  20. Thank you for the response! The flight surgeon stamped and approved at Irwin, but he said that it could take up to a month and a half to receive back from Rucker. Good to know! Glad there is a place online to check. Thank you! We are pretty sure that once he has orders in hand, even if they are after the July deployment schedule, that he will be detached from the ship and just go TAD.
  21. My husband will *hopefully, finally* be on the May board as well! How long did it take you all to get your flight physicals approved after they got sent to Fort Rucker? I've heard as short as a couple of weeks to as long as 90 days. Thanks!! His stats: Age: 22 Military Experience: AD Navy 2 years in May. Civilan Education: Incomplete Aerospace Engineering Degree with 3.56 GPA APFT: 300 SIFT: 80 ASVAB: 95 LOR: CW4 (retired CW4 pilot) CW3 (retired CW Pilot, now flies for Southwest) LT (O3 Assistant Air Officer in charge of my husband's division) CDR (O-5, 16 years as Naval Flight Officer) LCDR (O-4, Operations Officer in USN) Flight Physical: Approved at Ft Irwin but waiting for Ruckers final stamp. Praying for a miracle here, as this is our last step!!!
  22. Hi! I am on here with a couple questions actually for my husband. He is active duty Navy and we have been working on his WOFT packet for over a year now, hoping to submit for the May board!! A little background: he has been undesignated for 14 months on his ship, and we've been working on the packet for over half of that time. His ship is set to deploy in early July, so we need him to be on the May board. Here are some questions, if you'd be so kind to help!! 1. How long did it take for you to get your flight physical stamped and approved from Rucker? His was sent in on March 20th. I've heard as short as a couple of weeks and as long as 90 days. Praying for a miracle here. Also, how did you find out it was back? 2. Is there any way he can go to MEPS beforehand to get an MOS from the Army just in case he doesn't get picked up? Essentially, we just want to do everything in our power so he does not deploy with this ship. Some of his stats for reference: SIFT: 80 APFT: 300 Civilian Education: 3.56 partial Aerospace Engineering degree (less than a year left) LOR: CW3, CW4, LCDR, CDR, LT Military experience: went in as an NSW candidate, left the program and was sent undesignated airman. Will be 2 years in May. No flight experience. Thank you!!!
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