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  1. anyone else from this board in 19-010 this march ?
  2. Oh dam ! Then thats just the army green weenie being a real a**hole lol 😂
  3. Anyone else with 19-010 ? And to answer the questions about how HRC is doing the schedule. I can only speak for myself and other Marine prior service applicants. I was able to get a sooner class date than some of the guys who were selected on earlier boards because I do not have to go through bootcamp. I just show up about 3 weeks prior to rucker for processing and to get my uniforms and wait for the class to start.
  4. Im on the fast track since i went through Marine boot camp and have less than a year break in service i go straight to WOCS. Hopefully no waiting for this guy ! LOL
  5. Im hoping I have a class relatively soon . I just got out of the Marine Corps a year ago and usarec shows that anyone who attended Marine basic and combat training and hasnt been out for over 3 years goes straight to wocs so Im praying they can get me a class date reaaaal soon ! Congrats to everyone else who got selected hope to fly with you guys soon !!!
  6. Here are the stats I got selected with Gt112 Sift 50 Pft261 Prior service 8 years avionics and uh-1 crew chief 150 hours Civilian commercial pilot 265 hours with instrument rating 3 lor 1 wo4 from soar and 1 0-5 and 0-6 all pilots High school diploma with college in work 27 years old
  7. Hey guys I was selected!!!! Please message me if you want your results !
  8. No list ... I just checked Ill have another update at around 530 pm eastern time
  9. Will check today again. If I get my hands on any list ill let you guys know!
  10. Does anyone know if updates have to go through battalion? I was already FQ-NS for the last board and the usarec website just mentions to ensure all files are in the proper place of ERM which my recruiter did with my updates.
  11. No list yet gents, just checked at 3 pm on the g3 website
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