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  1. Was told by the aviation clinic today that they will not resume doing initial flight physicals until June 1, 2020, but to continue to call weekly as it could change. Hearing this really hurts as the physical is all I am missing for my packet, hopefully they resume doing physicals in the near future.
  2. Same with me, was told they would call back when they start doing Initials again. I’m gonna call back the aviation clinic on Monday and see if they have a time frame of when they’ll start doing them again, hopefully soon.
  3. Currently active duty, I’ll be calling the aviation clinic back on Monday to see if anything has changed or if they have set dates of when they will start doing Initial flight physicals again, since this World situation seems like it’s gonna be a while hopefully they’ll start doing Initials soon
  4. I attempted to schedule my flight physical and was told by the aviation clinic that they will not be doing any initial flight physicals due to the whole situation at the moment and would notify me when they would resume which who knows when that will be.
  5. Piggy backing off initial post but if anyone would be interested in critiquing my essay? Would gladly send essay through pm, TIA
  6. I am definitely interested in submitting a packet, but would love some advice on how to get the ball rolling and what to do and get done first. Any advice/help would be greatly appreciated.
  7. Any active duty applicants? Would love advice on how to get started and what to do first and get the ball rolling. And also how to sign up to take the sift test. Any other advice would greatly be appreciated.
  8. I am definitely going to need lasik or prk as my vision doesn't meet the requirements. Eye surgery is pretty expensive and out of my budget right now. Would it be wise to enlist which I have no problem with as I want to be a soldier first then a pilot, and get eye surgery from the army as my recruiter said that would be a route I can take as I can't afford eye surgery at the moment. Also, has anyone had experience getting surgery done from the army? And whether it's a lengthy process to get approved for it?
  9. I'm pretty sure this question has been answered, but I'm having a hard time finding it. I'm going to need lasik/prk, which forms and documents will I need to take to my eye doctor to fill out in order to receive a waiver?
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