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  1. Looking forward to it the pics. Did you go straight from flight school? Where'd they send you to now? Fly safe,
  2. How about housing options? Is it required that you stay in the on base housing options?
  3. Can you stay in housing off base? Also, how has the pollution been there? I keep reading article and article of "fine dust" pollution which has some quite worried... Definitely not an experience I had while previously visiting S. Korea. Thanks for the great info!
  4. Does anyone know if you can stay in off-base housing options in Korea? Some people say you can, others not. Thanks!
  5. Hey, hows the c12 course thus far? Were you hoping to select it? I ship here in a couple weeks, so I guess Im a bit ahead of myself, but Im really putting a lot of thought into selection and just digging for info. Safe flying,
  6. Just for clarification, if one were to end up selecting c-12, would they potentially end up in one of those other aircraft which you listed? Or do all start in the king air with hopefully having the opportunity to change airframes later in their career? Thanks!
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