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  1. If it's not a requirement, it's not a requirement. Yes, college would help you become more competitive, but you're not DQ because of it. Not sure how the Battalion selection boards work, but they may ask you why you don't have college.
  2. I was a recruiter (2013-2016) and had a few people come in about WOFT. Only 1 was qualified, street to seat. And we did everything in our power to get him in. Good kid. High school senior, 18 years old, but highly motivated, already had his PPL, Pt stud, the whole 9, no law, no med. One of the other recruiters even had to go TDY and drive the guy 9 hours to get his flight physical. It's a little more work than regular enlistment packets, but nothing that's too crazy. No one in the office had ever done a WOFT packet so there were some speed bumps along the way, but we figured it out. Most recruiters don't wanna do the work, or are just uninformed on how to do so. We didn't learn about WOFT packets in recruiter school and they are kinda rare. Also, some recruiters don't wanna do the work, OR don't wanna do all the work if the person won't agree to go enlisted if they do not make it. It is the recruiters job to put people in the Army and if you have stipulations about enlisting, most don't want to deal with you. I've been in their shoes and understand. But it's also not hard to put a packet in once you've enlisted as well. WITH THAT BEING SAID...if he won't help you, just go find another recruiting office that will help you. IT'S THEIR JOB. I did a lot of sh*t that I did not want to do when I was a recruiter, but it was my job. Would help if you already had your entire packet ready and all required paperwork complete when you went though so they know you're serious and are more inclined to help. Double and triple check it. No typos or silly stuff like that. Also, I had LASIK in 2010, my packet went through just fine. Didn't need a waiver or anything for it. As long as your eyes are good, you're good.
  3. Haha, no it's not. But I did get selected, thank you. Congrats to you too if you got picked up.
  4. Ho...ly crap so many people got picked up. That is fantastic!! Congratulations everyone! Hopefully the next board will have results like this.
  5. Ok...here are my stats, submitting for the 1st time - Age: 29 - GT: 123 - SIFT: 52 - APFT: 285 - Military: SSG-10 years Active Duty Army/ BLC, ALC (honors), SLC - Civilian Education: B.S in Business Admin 3.01 GPA/ Currently have 9 hours towards MBA 3.56 GPA - Flight: 85 hours fixed wing - Physical: Waiver in progress - LORS: CW5, BN CDR, CO CDR
  6. This one https://vfso.rucker.amedd.army.mil/pls/airportal/airportal.main.welcome
  7. That's the same thing my waiver is for. How long ago was it submitted?
  8. Does the check the status of your flight physical website ever work? I have tried from 3 different computers multiple times over the past 3 weeks and it never seems to work. Is it just like this for me?
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