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  1. Alright thanks for the info; when youre home are you actually home? Or are you guys tasked out to the max with details and working past COB like we are down here on the line? Thanks
  2. Hello all, Current 19K here. How much time away from home to time at home do aviators get? I'm at about one year gone-one year home right now and really not looking for the same. Just looking for some hard data on how long I should expect to be away from the wife. Thanks
  3. Maybe they'll expedite publishing the message because of the delay in the board. Wishful thinking.
  4. Any idea when that milper message will be published?
  5. It's been years in the making but finally got my packet completed and submitted from Korea. Here's what I'm working with: Age: 27 GT: 140 SIFT: 66 APFT: 252 Military: 3.9 years AD as a 19K; SGT as of 1 July 2017 Flight Hours: None Physical: G2G Civ. Ed: 59 hrs, 3.1 GPA Waiver: PI charge before joining the military in 2013; $250 fine paid LORs: CW4, Battalion Commander, Company Commander I'm wondering if any of y'all have heard anything about moral waivers; from what the warrants around here have said it's not a huge deal as long as you're honest and it's nothing beyond a minor misdemeanor. Any thoughts? Good luck to all!
  6. Age: 27 GT: 140 SIFT: 66 APFT: 240 MIL: E5 19K with 3.5 years service. No UCMJ Civilian Ed: 62 hrs, 3.0 GPA Flight hours: Familiarization hour in Bell 206B Physical: G2G Leadership Schools: BLC LoRs: O3, O5, CW4 Did have public intox arrest, paid fine $250 back in 2013 prior to joining the army. No run ins with the law since. What are my chances?
  7. Related question here: 3 years in the Army E-4 CPL Currently in BLC Spotless record of service No profiles; 111111 PULHES Haven't taken the SIFT yet BUT I got a public intox charge back in 2013. This is the only thing that I'm worried about. I paid the fine and don't have any other charges or tickets or anything. Do I have good odds of getting a waiver?
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