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  1. I just went through bct a year ago as a 32 year old and it wasn't that bad. You can go to sick call in basic training if you feel you really need something for pain, but we weren't allowed to just have a bottle in our locker. The only thing that hurt me was the 12 mile ruck, but you get a few days of rest afterward and sleep great!
  2. So we just a confirmation from higher ups at Bravo company here at Rucker and they said this ADSO applies to whoever graduates WOCS after 1 OCT 20. So whoever is in the pipeline already should be on the old one still.
  3. At Rucker right now, so just playing with the UH-72 at the moment.
  4. I know a few guys shorter than 5'2" in flight school now. You will probably be fine, but will likely have to come here and get measured as others have said. If you want 64s, you will get 64s unless some fluke happens and there aren't any during selection. They are almost always last to be picked during selection.
  5. Currently in common core here and we still don't know if it applies or not. Hopefully it is dependent on start date and not graduation date.
  6. I like it. It seems to hit all the points while keeping it short. You draw upon your previous experience and say how it will benefit the Army and are selling yourself, which is exactly what you should do in this essay.
  7. For my physical it was just basic joint movements and range of motion. No "underwear olympics" like at meps. But as Barney mentioned, it is likely flight surgeon dependent. I would say, don't expect to do those things, but be prepared if they are needed.
  8. Yeah it just has the report date and it says a 7 week class. From what I understand all WOCS classes are 5 weeks now so I am curious if mine will be and in what direction the class dates will shift.
  9. Did he give you the date for the class or just your class number?
  10. Agreed here. Narrow those down to the 3 best ones. The board will not have time to look at 6 and you are just making it more likely the weakest one gets read instead of the strongest one.
  11. My understanding is the PT score is weighted much less than it used to be. I am not sure when you went through, but I want to say it is worth around 2% of your OML now. Still a factor, but not nearly as bad.
  12. Yeah this is what I have heard too. The problem with lack of pilots is due to lack of the amount of applicants willing to come to the Army. In general the military has a hard time recruiting when the economy is doing well since a lot of civilian jobs are more preferable. It isn't as simple as just lowering standards to accept more of the available applicants. As we have seen come up already, the Army is trying to find more ways to retain pilots or incentivize them.
  13. That is true. Wouldn't that be a slap in the face. Edit: Did a little research just to see. According to AR 350-100 it says: "Officers who attend initial entry flight training on or after 30 September 1990 will incur a 6-year ADSO on completion of the course or voluntary termination of attendance (see AR 611–110). Officers who entered into a service agreement before 1 October 1990, will be subject to the terms of said agreement, and will serve on active duty for the period specified in the agreement." While this doesn't mean they won't change it to 8 years, it likely means it will have a start date listed and anyone in the pipeline will likely meet the cutoff for their original agreement.
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