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  1. More Detailed break down for DEC 17 Selection (TH-67 Class so no C-12s): LTs Top of Class Pick = 60M 60AL-2 60M-11 47F-1 64E-0 WOs Top of Class Pick = 47F 60AL-2 60M-24 47F-6 64E-5
  2. Are you saying this as someone that got selected for flight school and you're waiting to go so you decided to jump in a 60 sim to do start procedures? Because if so, that makes me LOL. What you should do is start memorizing EP and limits (you still could be in a 67 or 72) and reading some basic theory of rotor wing flight. I do hope you mean you're trying to RL1 and have already graduated.
  3. You have your facts wrong. There is / was no board date in December.
  4. You weren't boarded then. You would of received a notification of non-select if you were not picked and you would of been on the MILPER if you were selected. Don't Email, pick up the phone and call the WO recruiting team to figure out where your packet is; that is what they are there for.
  5. The only Prior enlisted I've seen that were exceptional WOs and even better Pilots were the ones that didn't play this "Prior service members make better candidates" game. They used their prior experience as an opportunity to mentor the street to seat candidates in the Army way. There are plenty PS that attend WOCS with the "Why are you here when I had to serve 6+ years to get accepted" mentality. This debate isn't helpful to potential candidates or actual candidates. Everyone pins on the same grade at graduation. By the way, here are my biases : I was a street to seat guy for what its worth...
  6. Ahh gotcha. Yeah I never heard that acronym before, though I haven't been in for very long. Good to know.
  7. I mean your explanation makes sense. I thought you were contending the hearsay info wasn't accurate..What do you mean by PNN?
  8. I believe the 40% AD to 60% Civ is accurate. Though I don't think those percentages combine both sides. As in : You have 100 AD applicants and they will only choose 40% out of that 100 which is 40 applicants. Same with civilians: You have 50 civs and they can only pick 30 which = 60%. Plus, If there are AD members with packets that blow away whats left of civilian %s, I wouldn't be surprised if they pick higher %s AD
  9. In this context, Salty = Honest. You'd be well over the age of 40 before you'd even arrive at your first unit. Plus you'd hit 14+ years TIS prior to the Army even being able to use you in combat. Submit for the waiver and find out.
  10. The WOFT "process" is part of the game. Your security clearance is a hammered out process that will get done correctly. Like the OP said above, there are plenty of people in the Army whose job it is to track your clearance process. They will be making sure it is ready for you to start WOCS.
  11. Negative. The "board submission deadline" has nothing to do with civilians. That is for Active members only. You can submit your completed packet up to a week to two weeks prior to the board as a civilian.
  12. Yeah. That is the date that NBIB or DSS started the investigation or the date you were given the green light for an "Interim Clearance"; which doesn't help you because you need a fully adjudicated to attend WOCS. That just means your FBI fingerprint check and NAC came back O.K.. You still have a long way to go. They have been backlogged for years.
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