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  1. I had a fixed wing PPL prior and it certainly helped me get selected, but I got it before I ever thought about pursuing this program. I also know people that didn't know a thing about aviation, decided it sounded cool to fly, dropped a packet, scored a 40 on the SIFT and still got selected. It all depends on your whole picture honestly. With the elimination of an in person formal interview, the selection board has only a packet of papers to determine if you get in or not. If your idea is to fly for a career regardless of being selected, like Thedude said, get the license.
  2. LOL. You are probably reading "Pilot-In-Command" in the requirements or something to come up with that nonsense. If you think post-Army flying gigs would rather have CO "experience" in place of a former Warrant then by all means go "CO". (RLO is a better term considering CW2-CW5 are COs but I know what you mean!) 95% of the time, only one of those options is progressing the other on how to Pilot-In-Command. Annnnd no Chad, your recruiter is just an honest idiot.
  3. More Detailed break down for DEC 17 Selection (TH-67 Class so no C-12s): LTs Top of Class Pick = 60M 60AL-2 60M-11 47F-1 64E-0 WOs Top of Class Pick = 47F 60AL-2 60M-24 47F-6 64E-5
  4. Are you saying this as someone that got selected for flight school and you're waiting to go so you decided to jump in a 60 sim to do start procedures? Because if so, that makes me LOL. What you should do is start memorizing EP and limits (you still could be in a 67 or 72) and reading some basic theory of rotor wing flight. I do hope you mean you're trying to RL1 and have already graduated.
  5. You have your facts wrong. There is / was no board date in December.
  6. You weren't boarded then. You would of received a notification of non-select if you were not picked and you would of been on the MILPER if you were selected. Don't Email, pick up the phone and call the WO recruiting team to figure out where your packet is; that is what they are there for.
  7. The only Prior enlisted I've seen that were exceptional WOs and even better Pilots were the ones that didn't play this "Prior service members make better candidates" game. They used their prior experience as an opportunity to mentor the street to seat candidates in the Army way. There are plenty PS that attend WOCS with the "Why are you here when I had to serve 6+ years to get accepted" mentality. This debate isn't helpful to potential candidates or actual candidates. Everyone pins on the same grade at graduation. By the way, here are my biases : I was a street to seat guy for what its worth...
  8. Ahh gotcha. Yeah I never heard that acronym before, though I haven't been in for very long. Good to know.
  9. I mean your explanation makes sense. I thought you were contending the hearsay info wasn't accurate..What do you mean by PNN?
  10. I believe the 40% AD to 60% Civ is accurate. Though I don't think those percentages combine both sides. As in : You have 100 AD applicants and they will only choose 40% out of that 100 which is 40 applicants. Same with civilians: You have 50 civs and they can only pick 30 which = 60%. Plus, If there are AD members with packets that blow away whats left of civilian %s, I wouldn't be surprised if they pick higher %s AD
  11. In this context, Salty = Honest. You'd be well over the age of 40 before you'd even arrive at your first unit. Plus you'd hit 14+ years TIS prior to the Army even being able to use you in combat. Submit for the waiver and find out.
  12. The WOFT "process" is part of the game. Your security clearance is a hammered out process that will get done correctly. Like the OP said above, there are plenty of people in the Army whose job it is to track your clearance process. They will be making sure it is ready for you to start WOCS.
  13. Negative. The "board submission deadline" has nothing to do with civilians. That is for Active members only. You can submit your completed packet up to a week to two weeks prior to the board as a civilian.
  14. Yeah. That is the date that NBIB or DSS started the investigation or the date you were given the green light for an "Interim Clearance"; which doesn't help you because you need a fully adjudicated to attend WOCS. That just means your FBI fingerprint check and NAC came back O.K.. You still have a long way to go. They have been backlogged for years.
  15. Your clearance paperwork was opened a few days after signing your contract. There is little chance your background investigation has been completed as of now. Adjudication will take about a month after completion. it should take anywhere from 6 to 8 months to complete the whole thing. There is a chance you won't have it complete by the time WOCS starts but I wouldn't worry about that. It will most likely be done by the time you finish basic.
  16. Yeah, I was gonna say you're playing fast and lose with that one. DLA makes much more sense.
  17. Not to steer this to far off topic, but how the hell did you calculate 1200 for TLA? Are you saying you didn't actually use lodging and you just told them you did?
  18. I believe Sgt. Major Dailey said that units doing greasy monkey business will still be in ACUs. They only want to change the office environment from ACU to the new service uniform. So if you are staff or something it might affect you....Not sure. I haven't personally seen any real directives about it yet. I don't think they've even finalized the uniform design, just finalized the eventual wear of it.
  19. When did you take the SIFT? Its only be around for a couple years. When did you go through Army Basic? If you resign your commission or leave AD Navy and maintain civilian status for some time prior to entering WOFT I dont believe you can use your commission source to bypass WOCS. There is an inter service transition program for Sister service OCS but to my knowledge you need to maintain active status for that to apply. Either way, if you use the interservice transfer program and youll be competing for slots with other AD memebers, not civilians. If You are saying the Army might be more likely to take you because you already have a commission thus saving money on you for WOCS, then what are they going to say about spending more money on you in addition to money the Navy spent on you to wash their pipeline? Cmon bro The guy who asked about his chances with a recent DUI last month has about the same chances you do if getting picked up. Im sorry dude, Im being an arse so Ill cut it off after this.
  20. Why not try Air Force then? Why Army WOFT? It isnt a back up plan, nor is it easy. Ive seen this before within the last 2 years where other branched candidates washout from either AF or Navy and think our program will give them new life. It wont. Force reduction or not, youll get no quarter from the Flight warrants evaluating your packet. You passed preflight, not what would be considered basic on our end. And you are at a disadvantage coming from the Navy as you would be switching to an infantry centric force and will be required to attend Army basic training, like bootcamp, not flight basic and that is before WOCS, WOBC, SEREc. Im not telling you not to try, but there is probably a reason the recruiting station leader hasnt just picked up a phone and called their battalion 1st Sergeant to get your waiver process started. As the dude above posted, it may not even require a waiver and it is unclear how you came to the conclusion youd need a waiver in the first place... To answer your question and to keep further saltiness on my part from shining through, you need to call the warrant officer recruiting team via the website link I gave you. There should be a CW2 or 3 with posted contact numbers on the website somewhere.
  21. Yeah I revised my post above after re reading your post...Probably not what you want to hear, but if you washed out of Navy Primary, you won't get into WOFT. Your recruiter might blow smoke up your arse because thats what they are trained to do, but they should know exactly how to submit a waiver to policy through HRC and/or USAREC. I wouldn't be surprised if HRC/or USAREC hands that waiver request to an aviation liaison which will ultimately result in the denial. You can reference this website if you believe you have a shot : http://www.usarec.army.mil/hq/warrant/ If you washed out for anything other than illness or some crazy life event that may garner sympathy, be warned, we have damn near the same flight physical standards as the Navy and no one is going to look kindly on academic/performance washout from another branch's flight school...
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