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  1. You better, or we will find you and beat you with a burlap sack full of soap bars.
  2. Hey, at least your TIS will give you a better paycheck during the process. And being an 11B is an amazing thing brotha. The most squared away and personable Soldiers I've interacted with have always been/from 11Bs. You better bid the 64 during selection once you get in though.
  3. Ah gotcha. I'm curious how they are just going to shorten to 5 weeks for classes that are already scheduled and reserved...
  4. I am seeing conflicting Information on ATRRS. The document you posted seems to align with course start and ends dates as 7 week classes in FY19 on ATRRS. Are my colleagues on here saying those 7 week reservations in FY19 are changing to 5 week?
  5. Yeah I'm with you on that. Unless you are instrument rated I don't see a huge advantage of flight time during school. Only for selection.
  6. Who is saying it is a requirement? Why are you restating something i've already said? Everybody here knows the minimum requirements for applying to WOFT, but thanks for that insightful quote. And you just proved my point. 99% of applicants have never flown. Exactly. How you derive that it is unhelpful just because the majority applying don't have flight time is illogical at best. Applicant flight time seems to always be a contentious issue every time it comes up on this forum and I see no compelling reason why that is.
  7. No, what you are saying is in fact incorrect. Navy requires flight time prior to naval flight school. The Naval Academy calls it "Powered Flight Program". If you do not come into the fold with a PPL(Or 30 hours and a solo ), you are required to attend a course prior to starting the common core stuff. (Applies to AF as well) My point wasn't that it is a requirement to be selected in other branches. Even if it isn't a requirement, if you come off the street into the AF or Navy to be a Pilot, you better either be from Harvard or MIT or have at least a few flight hours or you ain't getting selected. It's different for Academy Members. The whole point of that post was to display a viable option to pad your packet. Yes, Obviously most members on this forum were selected without flight time. No it isn't a requirement. We can argue it's effectiveness during common core all day. That isn't the point. If selection rates are going back to 50% something like Flight Time will elevate you a bit and give you a spring board to discuss during battalion board and essays.
  8. With all do respect to my fellow Gideon, I feel that post isnt 100% As much as I would like to see potential candidates fend for themselves in this selection process if only to prove the best among you, acquiring flight time is a major plus in this process. I've talked to two CW5s', one of whom wrote my LOR, that have sat on these selection boards before, and both of them, including other now retired Flight Warrants that I know personally, have voiced their support for candidates coming to the table with a decent foundation of flight time. In my opinion, having flight time, or "contact", prior to actually attending military flight school should be a requirement for the Army like every other service branch. It displays maturity, aptitude and resolve if you have a spit buckets worth of flight time under your belt (30-70 hours total, at least 10+ hours solo and the FAA ground exam). This isn't to say coming to the table with 100+ flight hours and multiple licenses is beneficial, because it isn't after a certain point, and its not to say it will automatically secure you a spot, but if your packet is on the cusp and you've never taken the time out of your schedule to at least get a taste of what you could have the opportunity of doing in the future for your Country, that could be the difference in selection of the next person. A tid bit: All of the other services either require you to have a private pilots license before applying, or require you to spend time (even if you are a service academy grad) to obtain your PPL before you even start common core military flight school. Is it expensive for a few hours? Sure. Will it break your bank to show initiative? Depends on if you want to come back that much more prepared. It also allows garners a bit of weight during the battalion board interview if you can show some flight time while remaining humble and hungry to adapt and learn more Just a thought for the FQ-NS..
  9. I'd rather not get any further into the Security Clearance arena. I'll just leave it at that.
  10. It won't be a dis qualifier. We had someone from my company (defense contractor) before I joined the Army (like in the last 2 years recent) and she had decided to backpack all around Eastern Europe for a week in all the former Soviet Union Countries right out of College. Needless to say, after two years of waiting for her secret clearance, being denied a interim clearance for foreign travel, she was let go from the company because her investigation was taking way to long because of the Travel. You aren't really in the running anytime soon for a clearance since it will take you a solid 6-12 months to get selected. Is it a Red Flag? Yes. Does that mean you would not get cleared? No. DSS will just investigate you a little further.
  11. Most of the Civilians should find out today as the Board normally finishes up Civs late Tuesday. Don't worry about your recruiter contacting you. They want to get a contract in your face as soon as possible once the selection results get handed down the chain.
  12. Seriously shut up. I'm tired of you plugging my recent content feed up with nonsense.
  13. Does anyone know if there is ANY type of summer block leave at Rucker for Pilots in the pipe?
  14. No thats not correct. Civilians are chosen prior to AD (if thats what you meant by Prior service, as civilians could technically be PS). They are two separate sessions of the board's same convening, and civilians are boarded first. From my understanding, AD members have other factors that come into play for whether or not they are selected. Current MOS, Army strength numbers, Military record, Age, longevity (i.e. military retirement potential), etc. could be factors. Outside of those things I'm not entirely sure how the board selects when it comes to allocated slots. It could be the Army would like a certain number of slots allocated for civilians and a certain number allocated for AD; Since more AD members are applying at one time, all the slots may get eaten up to quickly to select all.. EDIT: Nevermind - I see you meant PS gets an advantage over non-PS in the civilian runnings.
  15. There is about a 4:1 ratio of AD Applicants to Civilian Applicants. Also, there are a lot of factors, far more than for Civilians, that go into accepting or denying AD applicants. But yes, Civilians tend to have a much higher % selected on boards right now.
  16. https://www.forbes.com/sites/marisagarcia/2018/08/02/advocates-worry-that-changes-to-gi-bill-will-make-pilot-crisis-worse/#3aea16ced524 There is a bill that is addressing flight school expenses specifically in Congress right now... As an advocate of free markets, this bill looks like trash to me at first look. But I've seen this overcharging of GI bill benefits first hand with ATP flight school and even college (Embry Riddle) as this tends to happen when the school doesn't need to be competitive when your available cash flow is published publicly, thus allowing them to charge higher rates if they know it won't cause you much issue....But, it might actually lower flight school costs for Vets/AD members in the long run if they know that overcharging could potentially lead to a cut in their funding that is proposed by the bill.
  17. In addition to what Mike said above, you should really think about getting a few introductory flights in at your local FBO if possible. It will be anywhere from $150 for a 1 hour to $600 for a package of a few flights. It isn't required at all, but I highly recommend it as you'll get a taste of flight to boost your confidence and get your bearings. You being military should give you access to a flight club on or near base - just not sure how many have helicopters in their fleet.. Stay away from any a/c with Robinson in the name though.
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