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  1. I lived on post (Bowden Terrace) and can't complain. It's some of the best on post housing you will find. Some friends stayed outside and had no issues besides having to wake up 30 mnts earlier.
  2. I didn't require waivers but from what's been said here waivers don't get granted/denied until the very last few days before the board so... you should be good to make this board.
  3. Doc had me coming in for 5 straight days... each day BP has been normal!
  4. I can't figure out what happened yesterday! went in today and BP was back to my normal, which has always been in the high 120s to low 130s. yesterday was just crazy... it read 150/75. I was freaking out but hopefully it was just a fluke!
  5. Long story short. went in today for a part 2 physical and out of nowhere my blood pressure came up to 155/85. I have never had any issues and have a VERY clean medical record. Doc wont send the physical to Rucker (guaranteed grounded) until figuring out if it was just an abnormality or I need medications, which he made it seem like it's not a big deal. Has anyone taken blood pressure medications and not get grounded. I still got my upslip for what is worth.
  6. have you not seen the beating helicopters put on your body? specially on your back! It's not a coincidence that half of the IPs at rucker have a hunched back... I wonder why they're classified as heavy demand? Its not like they're grunts packing things and running on the front lines. I've always wondered this.
  7. CW5>CW3 that's just the way it is. CW3 is the minimum... why shoot for the minimum? I would exhaust all my options before just settling for what's available at the moment. Go knocking on doors!
  8. do it... you'll have great memories from SERE!
  9. you just have to make it to Rucker... seems like you are not going to BCT so they'll square you away here. It's been a minute since I did WOCS but I've heard DLs are no longer a thing. My guess is just essay and bio.
  10. Just looked at tour stats and they are SOLID! Don't give up and improve what you can. Had a guy getting selected at 35, you may know him given your background (Brandon Anderson). He is old AF and still he came out 2nd in the OML. Keep pushing!
  11. I've known people who applied and were non selected as civilians, joined the army and were non-selected at first... it literally took them years but they didn't get "Salty AF". Being salty is not going to get you selected, improving where you can will. there is always room for improvement. Had a guy at wocs that was selected on his 5th attempt. Just because you were not selected doesn't mean is a joke. Hundreds get selected every year, many of them on their second look. Work for it and don't blame the "process".
  12. Blows my mind that you weren't selected! your stats are solid and nothing can be done about GPA and SIFT. Besides getting a 300 APFT not much to improve. I'd look into the LORs. Maybe getting a letter from someone with a little more weight than a CW2? Maybe a higher up in the Police Department you volunteered at.
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