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  1. When I put my packet together almost 7 years ago, it included one retired E5 and the rest were civilians. Worked out just fine.
  2. I second that. I don't remember any sort of creed, apart from the stupid sh*t you have to sing at graduation.
  3. Potentially the best thread on this forum. Keep them coming! I don't have any deployments under me but I've had the opportunity to fly to some amazing places, see amazing things, fly amazing aircraft and be around some of the best people in the world (WOs) India:
  4. I would not sign a 6 year commitment again let a lone a 12yr one. I joined at 29.... Most of my prior AF buddies have told me that they would take their enlisted jobs back if they could. (we're talking tracked WOs) With that being said, the AFNG/RES are at least taking army pilots at the moment with age waivers.
  5. Look man it's very simple as far as the active side is concerned... You have overall an organization that does not treat well/doesn't care about its highly trained and specialized professionals. Proper Aviation heritage and culture left with the AF a long time ago. To quote one of our own again... " The Army will still be the Army without it's pilots" 6-8 years is bearable... 10-12 is a whole different ball game. AF NG/Res components are taking prior Army aviators now with age waivers to fill slots. Good news for those of us coming up on the end of the commitment.
  6. HA. Just wait till you go to a line company, the problems are much worse. The biggest of which is Aviation culture and heritage which there is ZERO of. To the Army (and what is worse *our own*) you're nothing more than an extra set of hands that can fly an aircraft. It's cancerous.
  7. Fail a pt test a bunch and you're all set. Anyhow, a 10 year ADSO is an ungodly amount for a branch without a proper Aviation culture. Really sucks for all the street2seat guys coming in or anyone that has prior Aviation experience on the outside. For all you upcoming applicants --- You need to really dig deep down and envision "giving up" potentially up to 12 years on a single contract and what that may or may not do to your life.
  8. Spike knock occurs when the round pin in the drag-pin fitting contacts the side of the square hole of the pylon stop, which is mounted to the roof
  9. I was street to seat and all I can say is put in the packet and see what happens. Can't get in if you don't try. Biggest hurdle is to put in the packet. I took me 1.5 years of paperwork. Now, if you really do want to join this aviation sh*t show I suggest you do it through the guard so you don't go insane.
  10. Guard pilot is a great choice. Everyone that I know in the guard/reserve is loving life right now and flying a sh*t ton. Everyone on active hates life.
  11. Wait but i thought the army is still the army without aviation.....
  12. Find a place off post (alone or room with someone). You will get BAH so its really up to you.
  13. Never heard a specific story like the others mentioned but we definitely did bring pizza and cold drinks for the guys that day.
  14. Grab pubs officer if you can or environmental officer ..or whatever that sh*t was if they still have it. for pubs all you do is issue them out at the beginning and then take everything back at the end. avoid s1 or any of that bs along those lines.
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