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  1. Looking for insight on the day to day life there as a 60M pilot right out of flight school.
  2. Age: 20 Education: 29 credit hours 2.0 gpa lol (not proud of that one) ASVAB: 129 GT SIFT: 75 Flight Time: None LOR's: CW4, CW5, Major, High school guidance/ coach PT: 258
  3. Swore in today. Basic in January and wocs in April. I'll post my stats in a little bit
  4. Thank you! And yeah list of names and says 18/18 selected.
  5. Idk I have the memo that is sent to the recruiters from Fort Knox lol
  6. My recruiter just let me know I was selected. I don't know how I ended up on this board but her 1sg said he triple checked lol
  7. My recruiter told me today she was given bad information and that there is still the next board so I have to wait until January 26th to find out
  8. I completed my board interview today and was told that they changed it and this is the final step now. I'm scheduled to sign my contract Monday. Any other civilians experience the same thing?
  9. I've been in touch with a CW5 and he was telling me that for him to write me a LoR, it has to be the last thing for my packet and he has to sign my checklist as well. Is that an actual thing or is he confusing me with the enlisted process. I'm trying to join the WOFT program as a civilian.
  10. When asking for LORs from people that know me personally do they need to be mailed to me or is it alright if they're scanned and emailed?
  11. Okay and would it be alright if I pm'd my essay to a few of you for your opinion?
  12. I was doing some research on the essay required for the WOFT packet and came across a few people recommending to keep the essay on the shorter side. Their reasoning was because of how little time the board members have to look at the entire packet. I'm a 20 y/o civilian so I would like to have as strong of an essay as possible. Does anybody have any input on this?
  13. I ended up passing the vision portion. I just have to get my labs done and dental. I couldn't do the labs because I ate and my recruiter didn't tell me that. Dental I was supposed to do before but again recruiter
  14. I passed my asvab and sift. I take the flight physical tomorrow and I'm just now learning that I might not pass for my eyesight. I have 20/100 in an eye, both are corrected to 20/20. If they tell me I can't fly, I'm going to enlist in another mos and try to get prk once I get in then probably try again down the road. My question is which MOS will help me the most when going for WO in the future?
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