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  1. I would post this in the General Forum as well.
  2. We can recommend Tampa Bay Helicopters on the West Coast or Palm Beach Helicopters on the East Coast. Both are about a two hour drive. Lyn
  3. I would post this in the General Forum as well. Thanks Lyn Burks Vertical Reference Admin
  4. We love helicopters!! The July-August 2020 Issue of Rotorcraft Pro is live! Read it here: https://bit.ly/RotorcraftProMag_JulyAugust2020 INSIDE THIS ISSUE: Inside Two Bear Air Rescue Operations + Video | Training to Personality Types | How Industry is Coping with Covid-19 | Car Lot Conflagration: A Unique Fire with Lessons Learned | Exec Watch: Steve Wysong, President, Wysong Enterprises | Meet a Rotorcraft Pro: Matt Presnal | My 2 Cents Worth | Mil2Civ Transition | Maintenance Minute | Rotorcraft Checkride Thanks for reading. Be healthy and be safe!!
  5. I would post this is the military forum as well.
  6. I would suggest that you post this in the General Military Helicopter Forum. It is located closer to the bottom of the main page. Let me know if you have any questions. Lyn lyn.burks@rotorcraftpro.com
  7. I changed the settings on your account so you should be able to reply with no approval needed. The system is set up that new members need approval to post but then their status is changed after their first few postings to where they do not need approval. Please feel free to email me if you have any more issues and thanks for asking the question. Lyn lyn.burks@rotorcraftpro.com
  8. HEY HELICOPTER PILOTS . . . did you know that if you want to fly helicopters for U.S CUSTOMS, AIR & MARINE OPERATIONS -and- if you’re attending HELISUCCESS 2018 on Nov 4 & 5, Air & Marine Ops team members will be there to meet you. In fact, they will have an Express Pilot Hiring Center (EPHiC) on location for HeliSuccess attendees. If qualified, tentative offers will be made on site. Interested attendees should bring their resume and proof of military service (for military pilots) to the event with them. BOOK EARLY. LEARN MORE: http://bit.ly/HeliSuccess2018
  9. ANSWERS - Questions... 1. Why do posts have to be approved? This is not an anonymous forum. After you register, your posts are monitored and then you are approved. I realize that you are not a new user, so I will check to see why your posts are not being approved automatically. 2. Is it only in this section? No. 3. Is it only me? No. 4. Do you censure topics, like on the "other" site? Yes, It does not happen often but this is a private site and we reserve the right to remove certain topics at our discretion. Example - political, religious and defamatory posts. Lyn info@
  10. Your comment was not censored, it was waiting for approval. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me. Lyn info@justhelicopters.com
  11. http://helicopterjobs.justhelicopters.com/default.aspx
  12. Here is a link to the article (Rotorcraft Checkride Mar/Apr Issue) that gives an in depth explanation - https://content.yudu.com/web/1umli/0A1umlm/RotorcraftMarApr18/html/index.html?page=86&origin=reader
  13. New salary update for Air Evac http://www.helicoptersalaries.com/Home/AirEvacLifeteam/tabid/359/Default.aspx
  14. Good read and good points to be learned from this accident. "An accident fueled by complacency with a very lucky pilot. It was still dark when the pilot lifted off from the small county airport at 5 AM on Saturday, February 24, destined for the 1,100-acre almond orchard she and the other two pilots on contract were responsible for protecting on a frost control contract. The horizon was barely visible as she climbed to 300 feet, per her altimeter. On the ground, she had already loaded the moving map image that outlined the orchard and she knew which section of it she was supposed to cover. Bu
  15. I would post this in the general forum as well. Lyn info@justhelicopters.com
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