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  1. I'd like to do some, but as others have stated.. my school reserves full downs for CFI students. My school only has 3 helicopters and 2 out of those 3 stay down for maintenance 11 months out of the year.
  2. I was sort of wondering that. I'm not an applicant yet but I'm prior service Marine Corps getting ready to pickup the phone and call the recruiter tomorrow. Been getting everything I can together from what I've read on the USAREC website and here on these forums. Can anyone suggest a good WO recruiter in the North Alabama/Huntsville areas? I've talked to a few regular recruiters but one of them has no idea how to help me and the other wants me to enlist prior to helping me.... when the USAREC website says civilian applications only?
  3. That you? Looks like some fun flying. Would love to get R44 time but my school doesn't have one.
  4. Well I just finished my private and I'm working on commercial... but I've sort of chalked it up to a bust. The only reasonable opportunities I think I see nowadays is EMS, border patrol and law enforcement. All are fine... but I'm starting to just think I'll do a FW transition after I finish commercial and spend the next 10 years building up that 1500 hours while I keep my day job.
  5. Looks like CBP takes guys with 1500TT and 250PIC. According to usajobs.gov
  6. Thanks. Really want to get out and see it. I'm willing to give it a shot. I don't mind paying my dues.
  7. Yamaha has a pretty good one as well. They stated in the video that they aren't offering it "for sale" yet, but only as a service. Hoping there is still a few years left for manned ag flying. If not... I'll go fly tours in Alaska.
  8. Awesome. Thanks. The AStars seem like a fun bird to fly. Is there anyone other than temsco?
  9. I don't really think the doom and gloom and "realism" are synonymous terms here. Just seems like there are a lot of folks who are frustrated that there isn't a clearer and as profitable path up the heli-ranks as there is for FW guys. I fly helos because it's fun and I enjoy it... thanks for the encouraging post KeiserSosa. At the end of the day a lot of popular helicopter industries may dwindle to nothing, but that's not to say helicopter pilot hopefuls can't find a niche that can pay the bills. If flying is what makes you happy then you'll be fine on 60k/yr. I don't think anybody who has flown helicopters past the private level in today's world would encourage somebody to go into it for the money Profitable time-building niches still exist... for right now... Ag will probably be replaced by drones sooner than EMS and offshore will.. Yamaha is already offering a more competitive UAV spraying service to farmers in the US. However, I'm optimistic that there will still be piloted helicopter ag operations in play long enough for me to make a buck and build some time. If not I'll move to Alaska or just CFI on the weekends and keep my day job.
  10. Can't find any info through search or through glassdoor about what a low hour guy flying tours in Alaska would make? Can any guys who started their careers that way offer any good information on going that route vs another method such as ag or the grand canyon? Any advice & info is appreciated. EDIT: Reached out to a friend and got my answer about pay up there. Would love to still here about what it's like working up there recently. A lot of the posts talking about it on here are a couple years old. Not sure if I'd move the family up there with me or just go for the season and keep them in the lower 48.
  11. Can you be a civilian and apply for a WOFT spot? I exited active duty from the Marine Corps last January and when I was discussing Army aviation with a WO recruiter he said I would need to enlist into a unit first and then apply for a WO pilot spot. I'm a little confused. From reading through here it appears that people who are out of the military or in other branches reserve/active components are able to apply.
  12. Anybody here been through the helicopter of fixed wing programs here successfully? Currently enrolled part time flying helos, enjoying it, but it's got it's set backs. The school has been operating for a very long time, so just curious if anybody's heard of them or knows anybody that's gone all the way through the program. Also--if anybody in North Alabama or the Tennessee Valley wants more info about this school.. feel free to ask.
  13. Couldn't have articulated that any better... Straight out of the enlisted side of the military one of the first things I wanted to do was find a college that would allow me to use post 9/11 benefits to learn to fly. Ended up moving to Alabama and am currently attending Wallace State Community College.. mainly because I was also able to land a good job in Huntsville that would feed the family and pay the bills while I went to school. I have many friends who left the military and went out to get flight training at various schools.. one of them is having to take out loans because a low cap was imposed on the school by the VA and another friend's school's program was suspended indefinitely. Both due to reasons you described above. Being able to learn to fly has been a dream come true and I'm thankful my school has dotted all their eyes and crossed the T's required to keep the operation going. We're a very small college, with only about 7 or 8 students in the helicopter program.. we share 3 helicopters. 1 R22 and 2 H269's. The 2 Schweitzers are down for maintenance a lot of the time.. but that's the biggest issue I've found with the school so far. As appealing as learning to fly straight out of the gate in a JetRanger sounds... I wish other schools would stop abusing the system and applaud the VA for taking steps to preserve the intent of the aviation aspects of the GI bill and not get rid of it.
  14. In a college helicopter training program, finishing up private and rolling into the commercial syllabus within the next few weeks. Been thinking a lot about what to do with the training after school. One of our most experienced CFIs is part of an ag operation 6-7 months out of the year and teaches/relaxes/travels the other half. We're a very small community college just flying 2 Schweitzers and 1 R22.. and I'm 1 of 6 other helicopter students currently going through the program. He's mentioned to us a few times about going and getting a CDL after we finish our flight training and working the ag trucks for a season or two to learn/earn our way into ag flying. Seems like a great opportunity from what I've read about it on the NAAA website. He's traveling right now, so I figured it wouldn't hurt to throw a post up on here and get some advice about trying to get into the business so I can figure out if this is really want I want to do. Any ag pilots here that can give me some advice about how to prepare and get into it?
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