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  1. Getting back on topic here.... 72 selection today: CO: 60M: 10 64D: 2 64E: 1 47F: 1 C-12: 1 WO: 60M: 2 64E: 8 47F: 1 C-12: 3 Not sure of the overall order but I heard the bottom 7 WOs all got 64E.
  2. I had a guy in my SERE class that was claustrophobic and he made it through just fine. There were times where he was more uncomfortable than the rest of us but the only thing that matters is that you dont say the words I quit. As others have said, it is just a short part of flight school and just accept that you will be miserable there, claustrophobia or not, haha.
  3. Thanks everyone for all the advice so far. I do realize that the aircraft available at selection are completely out of my control and that I may not even have a choice. However, Im just trying to prepare for the event that its my turn to select and both of these aircraft are available. When I started my packet, I had no idea what I wanted to fly. I thought maybe when I got to Rucker and talked to a lot of the pilots here that Id make up my mind. It still left me undecided. Then I thought maybe once I actually start flying that Ill make up my mind. Im through both basic rotary wing skills and instruments now, and Im still undecided! I may not have any choice at all and thats completely fine with me. Ill be more than happy flying anything (just please god not fixed wing, haha). Im just trying to prepare myself in the event I DO have a choice.
  4. Word going around about the reason for this class not having any is that they just dont have the 64 IPs available at Rucker to keep up with the recent rise in 64s at selection. I cant say whether or not thats true, but it does make sense.
  5. Selection from yesterday. CO: UH-60M: 13 CH-47F: 3 WO: UH-60M: 7 CH-47F: 4
  6. So I know this question has been addressed before, and I've read those topics and still am undecided so I'm hoping I can get some more input from a slightly different angle. Here's my deal: I'm really torn between 60s and 64s and I really can't decide one way or the other. I know the general advice is to choose the mission and not the airframe, but both missions genuinely interest me so that line of thinking still leaves me undecided. My airframe selection isn't until August, so I still have some time but I'm worried that I'm going to get up there on selection day and have no idea what to choose! At the risk of starting a war between the two factions, I'm hoping that some of the 60 and 64 pilots on here could give me their best "sales pitch" for their airframe and mission. Also, when I went to visit Hanchey we were told that Apaches are understrength right now so promotion opportunities later on will potentially be better. Any validation or input on that side of the house would be greatly appreciated as well! Thanks in advance for any input!
  7. Before getting selected for aviation, I was an LLVI team leader and we linked in with and directly supported the infantry on the ground with a very unique and powerful capability, but our rucks were always so heavy with extra gear that we had to work hard just to keep up on patrols. This is pretty much exactly what I was wondering about. Answered my question perfectly! Thanks again everyone for all the responses!
  8. For me, it wasn't the actual speed that bummed me out a little. It was the speed relative to other airframes that the Apache might be supporting. I've supported the infantry on the ground being heavier and moving slower than them. I just didn't like the idea of not being able to keep up in the air.
  9. Thanks for the replies, everyone! I love everything about the Apache, but when I started hearing it was slow I started to get bummed. Good to hear that it's not really an issue!
  10. I was looking around here a few weeks ago and I remember reading someone comparing the capabilities of Blackhawks and Apaches, saying that often Blackhawks are providing their own escort as the Apaches can't keep up (although I can't seem to find that post anymore). I also talked to my buddy at my unit here who remembers riding in the back of a Blackhawk on deployment and hearing the pilots constantly saying they have to slow down so that the Apaches can catch up. I know I can read the specs for each airframe but I wanted to get info from pilots that have actually flown these aircraft. Basically, my questions is this: For Apache pilots: In actual training and real world missions, does the aircraft feel "slow" to you? Also, do the E Model Apaches gain a lot of extra power with their upgraded engines or does the weight from the extra equipment offset the power gain? I'm just curious when these two aircraft work together, if there really is a noticeable difference or if it's pretty negligible. Thanks!
  11. On the AD side of the house for those of us that got selected in May, most of us got our class dates early to mid July, and mostly ended up being slotted for classes around the October time frame. I would guess that AD applicants selected in July will get their class dates sometime around early September and will attend WOCS in December or January.
  12. Seems to me you already have a solution: go to MacDill with that checklist. I'm sure the Warrant Officer Recruiter isn't making it hard on you intentionally. As a prospective Warrant Officer, it's really up to you to figure out how to make it happen, which you seem to have done. Best of luck to you!
  13. My interpretation of this was to compile your packet in the order of the checklist, and then send it all in a PDF document, splitting it into multiple documents if it's larger than 5 MB. For mine, the only attachments on my packet submission were 1.pdf and DAPhoto.jpg. My packet status came back with no errors later the same day and was board ready in 48-72 hours. I was also selected at the active duty selection board. I'm still not entirely sure which way is correct as it could be interpreted both ways, but this way worked for me.
  14. A bacterial infection in the past will not cause any issues with your flight physical, so no need to worry. When I had mine done, I had an infection on my military medical record and the doc looked at it, didn't even ask about it and moved on. My physical came back stamped approved from Fort Rucker in only 2 or 3 weeks. With the flight physical, they're really only concerned about medical issues that might become dangerous when you're in the control of an aircraft. Rest assured, having an infection once in the past does not make you high risk. Still though, as a general rule of thumb with your medical records now and in the future, if you don't HAVE to mention something minor (infection, stomach flu, cuts and scrapes, etc), then don't.
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