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  1. Does anybody know how Campbell is? I should be getting my verbal orders this week for 60's hoping to get at least one of my top three (Carson, Lewis, Campbell).
  2. When I got here they assigned alot of people barracks rooms. But a couple of guys who already had houses on post lived there until we classed up.
  3. Yeah I just saw some of you guys out at shell. Majority of us are moving to nights next week
  4. I select on Dec 6th we have like 20 active warrants. The class I rolled back from has like 37 lol
  5. I was selected on my second go, I didn't update anything on my second board. But if you have something that you can put in your packet that could make you look better,by all means update it. Good luck!
  6. Not that I know of, they have talked about shoving students through SERE to Common Core with like a couple days in between.
  7. I knew a couple people who that happened to. Due to one reason or another they went through primary first all the way up until selection and then went to SERE and selected afterwards.
  8. I'm in a 72 class right now getting ready to take my check ride on Monday. We usually fly SAS off from Cairns to the stagefield and do our first approach before we switch everything back on. But your absolutely right about it being IP dependent, I know some guys who fly SAS off the entire time.
  9. Better start studying those EP's and limits lol
  10. WOBC is cake man, all pretty simple stuff but the days can get long with all the briefings and classes. I just got out of SERE a couple days ago and I've never heard of anyone skipping WOBC
  11. Anybody hear what was on the most recent selection? I overheard a class was selecting on my way to class today.
  12. I'm at wocs right now, making good use of these phone rights lol. Your gonna be wrong pretty much every day for a couple days before they start to let up. The most recent 5 week course got over 300 spot reports on D-Day lol lots of tac probation. It's a good time haha
  13. So I need an opinion, I'm still Rucker now waiting to start WOCS next week and I told the housing office that I wanted a 3 bedroom home in Allen heights so they reserved the house for us. But my wife and I opted that we would rather stay on the wait list for Bowden and they told us they would keep our Allen heights house resverved for us, but when a house in Bowden comes available around December 20th (WOCS Graduation) or earlier they will let us know and we can decide to take that house. I guess my question is will it be likely a house comes available in Bowden between now and the end of December with only 2 or 3 people ahead of me on the wait list? Sorry for the book lol
  14. It was something like a couple of weeks, not too long.
  15. I'm at Rucker now getting ready to start WOCS. You will get an orientation packet soon and the welcome letter and stuff will come closer to your start date. As far as getting a WOCSOP, my entire class is still waiting on getting one. So I wouldn't count on getting one prior to coming here.
  16. When I was selected back in May it was crazy high, only like 3 people were FQ-NS and 0 NQ-NS. I'd like to say the chances are extremely high again but there is no telling with the army.
  17. Does anyone know if your DA 61 truly needs to be screened and updated before reporting to WOCS. Im aware that the pre-execution checklist states it needs to be. But there really isnt anything that needs to be updated on it. Im not sure if this is one of those things where if it isnt updated when i get to Rucker its going to be a huge problem. Hopefully this isn't too silly of a question, I'm not too sure how the in-processing works at WOCS.
  18. Its usually the following Tuesday or Wednesday, so yeah about 2-4 business days after the board adjourns.
  19. Im active duty and I just called one of the Warrant Officer recruiters and they verified the status of my packet before it got boarded. Im not sure if it works the same way for civilians, but you could always give it a shot.
  20. That's some pretty solid advice, I really appreciate it! I've heard a lot about the initial APFT specifically the pushups being graded extra strict. Is that true, or is it graded to standard but people end up doing sub-standard pushups in an attempt to max.
  21. Maybe some active duty folks can help me out with this one, on the pre-reporting checklist it states you have to have a DA 2-1. But everything I've gathered throughout my current unit is that this is a reserve component form. And it seems like its basically an ERB but you have to fill out everything yourself. Any help is appreciated
  22. Thank you all for the advice, I really appreciate it!
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