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  1. Checking them out firsthand is definitely on my to do list. Just doing my initial due diligence right now in an attempt to thin/narrow down my picks for checking out.
  2. Seriously folks I thought this forum was the go-to spot for helicopter industry insight. Out of the dozens of helicopter schools in and around Los Angeles no one out there has a single thing to say, any recommendations or advisements against a single one…? I was hoping to get some firsthand experience advice. Company web sites are pretty useless for making an informed decision. They all say they are they best around and show you glossy photos, along with only positive over the top testimonials.
  3. Any references or experiences with Helistream at John Wayne Airport in Santa Ana…? I am looking for a place to get my add-on Helicopter Commercial & CFI. Any other recommendations in the area..? Thanks
  4. I am new here and looking for some good insight from people familiar with the area. Looking into training locations in central Los Angeles to get my add-on Helicopter Commercial & CFI with..? I currently hold an ATP & CFI. I would like to find a place to train that is a nice fit for me to accomplish this. Possible even be able to be picked up as an instructor with them when I am finished. I’m 50 years old and have a diversified aviation background. Helicopter mechanic for 10 plus years, Agricultural pilot/crop duster for 9 years, Fire fighting tanker pilot 3 years. Government contracto
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