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  1. I did my ppl there and started a fixed wing add on there. I highly recommend Glacier. I hope I didn't see this too late. Mike and Lori are stand up people. They have long time staff and that says alot. Murphy is great pilot.
  2. I have flown with Heliquest and can say it is good experience. He is able to do this because he purchased his overhaul kit in the SSH bankruptcy and is not in it to make a fortune. He mostly flies in between his work schedule. Does not have an office nor staff to support. He found a way to reduce overall operating cost and run a viable business. Thinking outside the box really.
  3. I think until people hit the first hurdle the reality never hits. I have told students up front and as direct as possible it is a long expensive row to hoe and they just tell me they understand until the first challenge then the reality hits. How many people do you know at the academy said they realized but then still quit after the first sign of difficulty. They may not have bowed out but they quit mentally and just faded out. Shane
  4. I think Mike hit the nail on the head. We never truly understand what motivates people. We know what they say but is that what gets them through the good and bad times in this crazy career? I know what I thought motivated me and it seemed completely different things when I was back at work at the job I had before I started flying. I know of guys left and right that never finished training or did finish only to find there are no jobs. I know I looked for over a year before I found the job I am at now. I thought about quitting many times over that year but there was something I couldn't put into
  5. I think they were just thinking out loud. I was able to sit with them and show them what I was talking about. They understand about the limits. I think they understand that just because they have room for 3 doesn't really mean 3. Hey Mike I used our Provo takeoff to get my point across that is when the light when off. They are doing mostly tours over here and they have some pretty high villages they wanted to operate from. This is a new company so they brainstorm a lot. I was mainly trying to head off the lets go higher and higher problem. As far as turbine time goes they were trying to make
  6. Yeah they called me last night and I went over with it again with them and they got it finally. Then asked how much turbine time I had.
  7. I showed them the IGE & OGE charts but it just confused them that's why I wanted to get some experience stories to support the discussion. They ultimately listen to me but I just want to share some anecdotes to help draw them down the path. It is a Raven II btw. Shane
  8. I was having a conversation with my bosses today and the topic came up of opening a new route. They feel that because the POH says 14k DA the 44 should be able to land at those with all seats occupied. I am looking to see what other guys are experiencing with full seats. How high is the ceiling really? Thanks for the replies. I want to get some opinions of people who been there done that. Thanks Shane
  9. Does anyone here have any experience flying in India? If so any tips you have about what to look for would be appreciated. I have a lot of questions about it so I would love to pick somebodies brain. Shane
  10. I made the flight with Mike this summer and I concur with the other poster. I know a lot of people say don't pay for a turbine transition; they have never met guys like Mike. I learned more about the real world of commercial aviation than I ever imagined. That is the knowledge you are paying for. I would like to think that spending the time with Mike will keep me from making some of the rookie mistakes I hear old timers complain about all the time. Anybody can manage a start in a helicopter when trained but learning to be a professional and thinking like a pilot can only be learned from guys w
  11. I recently had the oppurtunity to fly with Mikemv on this board. All I can say is I learned a ton. When you get to spend two days with a guy who has over 40 years experience you tend to sop up a lot of information. Not only did I learn the helicopter I gained insight into how to be a pilot. It is more than just being the best stick in the world you have to have the right attitude to go along with it. In short we started in Sun Valley then made it to ABQ the first day. The next day we pressed on to Texas Aviation in FTW. We then spent two days there going over every inch of the turbines that t
  12. I don't understand why RHC just doesn't recall the blades. It is just my opinion but their quality seems to be slipping lately. I am at a school with 3 brand new ships in the past year and each one has had a laundry list of problems.
  13. You may want to check out Utah Helicopter as well. They ae located at Salt Lake Municipal airport 2 in West Jordan. I was a student at Upper Limit for awhile and left to go to these guys. Overall they are more organized than Upper Limit. ULA will try to sell you on the flying in Class B airspace as a plus but I found it to be a hinderance to my training in the long run. Flying out of Class B limits what you can do at your home airport so you must leave the airspace to another airport to train. Over the course of training this amounts to a lot of wasted flight time. Also if I want I just fly n
  14. I did my private training there. I had to move due to family reasons but have been back for a few checkrides and to finish up my CFI. Overall the school has not changed much even though it has grown tremendously since I was there. Great instruction tailored to you and your needs. As stated the amount of information you could learn from Mike E is unmeasurable. Shane
  15. The key thing is to finish it. I see a lot of guys just get the money they need for training then quit the program. I was talking to the office down there the other day and the completion rate for helo pilots is very low. One way I look at it is " What if I lose my medical?" I know it is not something we think about everyday but it is a real possibility. With the degree in hand you at least have an option for something other than McDonalds or door greeter at Wal Mart. I spent a lot of time to walk away from being a nurse to pursue this and I do not want to go back to the hospital anytime soon.
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