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  1. Nope, no solo. I can't remember the exact number of flights but want to say 15, plus a few days of UPRT (Upset recovery). It's a fast and fun airplane to learn on, just enough time to kind of learn how to land haha. Then you hit the C12 sim for instruments for just under a month and then onto the flightline for 28 flights.
  2. For the warrants, C12,C12,C12,47,47,64E,64E,last 47, 60s and 64Ds back and forth. Last pick was 64D.
  3. Mine was approved 2 days before the board, and was submitted about 2 months prior. I think it's the last thing they look at. Good luck
  4. If you really want to fly you need to get those credits knocked out, put in your packet as a civilian. The pick up rate is almost always 100%. If you enlist as a 15T... by the time you even have enough military experience to be competitive on the AD side you will need an age waiver lol. And I would bet a paycheck your recruiter isn't going to help you put in your packet after you enlist. Just my thoughts man, how bad do you want it? You can always enlist later if it doesn't work out.
  5. No problem. I have read on here of people doing that actually. No first hand experience though.
  6. I did this when I moved to Benning while my wife was still in college back at Bliss. So you can easily just schedule your movers to come when your wife is ready, I did it months after I reported. However, my BAH still reflected my new location and you will not be authorized barracks or anything. I just got a roommate until she came down here. Hope that helps
  7. That was fast. I guess I'm going to have to head down to my in/out-processing building and see what's up.
  8. I read somewhere that the orders will reflect 10 days prior to WOCS report date IOT in-process post. I guess we will find out soon enough. Thanks for your input Tanner.
  9. How long until you received orders for PCS after ATTRS reservations? Hoping to get it prior to the holidays coming up.
  10. We do PCS to Rucker prior to the report date for WOCS, correct? If that's still the case, does anyone know about how long after we get our ATTRS reservation for WOCS we get orders for PCS?
  11. FEB 28th as well. I'll request to join that FB page later today. See you guys there!
  12. Automatically. I just checked my ASK "on assignment" and the report date and location are gone.
  13. Hopefully it won't be long. I was on assignment to Hawaii - July 10th, those orders have been cancelled already so that's a good sign.
  14. I'm fortunate enough to be at MFT right now with a CW3 TAC officer. I have been picking his brain the last few days obviously. Land Nav is not self correcting but he said it's not challenging if you just pay attention during the PE. I teach land nav constantly being a DS so I should be good there. He also mentioned not to volunteer as the student S-1. Hope that helps.
  15. Made the list! Hope everyone here did as well! See you at Rucker
  16. We should know our fate within 48 hours, getting anxious. Good luck to everyone!
  17. They were very high hambone, roughly 86% and 95% if I remember correctly.
  18. Can one of you guys check for me next week when the results are posted? I am currently TDY at Jackson for MFT and won't have access to a gov computer. SFC Sheldon, Sean - Fort Benning. Thanks
  19. Active -- It was only a speeding ticket that was over $250 from before I was in the Army. Still had me nervous waiting it out though.
  20. Got word back today that my moral waiver was approved. Now the real wait begins.. good luck to everyone!
  21. The packet deadline was July 21st, the board runs 18-22 Sep. I have seen people submit after the deadline and make the board, but I would guess it's way too close man. The deadline for the November board is 22 Sep.
  22. SSpencer, I am in the exact same situation. I submitted mine June 21st, and have a moral waiver submitted for a speeding ticket over $250 from when I was 16. My packet is still "with the proponent for review". Last time I emailed them I asked for more info and he said they have no way of knowing more until proponent releases final disposition (for the waiver), which will happen just before the board convenes. Hope that helps.
  23. I disclosed the ticket when I joined the Army, so it's on my SF86 in my IPERMS. Had to write the waiver.
  24. I have had my packet in for about 5 weeks now. I email the question inbox every Monday, and they get back to me every Wednesday. The status has been "Your packet is with the proponent for review" for the last 4 weeks. Are any of your packets "Board Ready" yet? I am assuming it is because I have a moral waiver submitted with my packet for a speeding ticket over $250 when I was 16. Did anyone have any moral waivers approved yet? Thanks in advance.
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