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  1. Dear All I am about to purchase a new balance kit to cover fixed wing props as well as Helicopter Main Rotors and Tail Rotors. What is your experience/opinion betweeen model ACES Z2020HR and model CHADWICK 8500 C+?
  2. On an Aibus helicopter AS355 main rotor blade logcard under special information there is one parameter Di or Delta I, ie Di= +3 or Di=+7 etc This value maybe of no grate importance however it is associated with trim tabs adjustment. Does anyone know what this parameter stands for and how it can be used?
  3. Is anybody awere of a kit that is attached elbowlike on the refueling pad and sticksout externaly allowing some extra quantity of fuel. With the additional drag you may consume that extra fuel anyway. However i would like to know if any P-21 organization can work on that to issue an STC.
  4. If you are to replace one or more blades on a three bladed rotor using blades with different history and mass distribution i.e hours, repairs, paint coatings etc, how can you make a matched set? Is it adviseable to use one blade as a reference to match the others? If this is the case under what criteria you choose th reference blade?
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